Giving back

Gabrielle Hill, a resident of Newburgh, volunteered to speak about what it's like to live as ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) with the media and she's shared her story generously in the hope that people would reach out and help others. 

Recently, Briggette Sayegh's report about ALICE in the Hudson Valley (Staggering Number of Families Struggling to Make Ends Meet) appeared on TWC News and included an interview with Gabrielle. A viewer reached out to Briggette after seeing Gabrielle and gave her a gift card to pass along to her for the holidays. 

When Gabrielle received it Monday she was overjoyed. Why? She would be able to purchase holiday gifts for the students at Newburgh's Center for Hope she's been working with each week as a volunteer. Gabrielle termed the donor her "secret santa" and purchased socks, toiletries, gloves, and scarves for these students. Gabrielle knows that these students needed these basic necessities more than her own family and she chose to share her joy with them. 

In addition, there's great news to share about Gabrielle. Starting in the New Year, she'll be working at the Center for Hope not as a volunteer, but as an employee. Her committment and dedication as a volunteer led to this offer and she could not be happier!

She wishes everyone a happy holiday and wants to extend her greatest thanks to the secret santa who made this possible.

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