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Volunteer Spotlight: Ed Broderick

Although he will admit it only seems like 6 years ago, it was in fact 26 years ago that Ed Broderick, then an IBM employee, first experienced the United Way Loaned Executive program. Fast forward to 2016 and Ed Broderick is now retired and once again a Loaned Executive. Ed says “The need was great then and we have been making strides to better our community by working together. But there is still more work to be done.”

Building Hope: EITC Awareness Day

When you finally land that job you’ve been hoping for, you don’t let anything get in your way—not even being homeless. Things had finally turned around for Jesse and he was grateful to be working at a production warehouse, but he still wasn’t able to afford an apartment. But when Jesse had his taxes prepared at United Way’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site, he found out that he’d be getting the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Giving back

Gabrielle Hill, a resident of Newburgh, volunteered to speak about what it's like to live as ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) with the media and she's shared her story generously in the hope that people would reach out and help others. 

Shining a Light on a Hidden Population: A Newburgh resident shares what it's like to live as ALICE

Before the first United Way ALICE Report, ALICE was a population and a community issue without a name or face. The release of this study offered a new way to accurately quantify these households and to talk about the challenges that they face, just like Gabrielle of Newbugh in Orange County.

Volunteer Spotlight: Alan Creais

On June 17, twelve volunteers participated in a Day of Action at the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley located in Cornwall-on-Hudson. The volunteers helped the Food Bank sort through the donations it received so that the food can be sent out to nearly 200 food pantries in the region. Volunteer Alan Creais, a leader of his company’s community engagement efforts, was able to take part in his first Day of Action with United Way.