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Giving back

Gabrielle Hill, a resident of Newburgh, volunteered to speak about what it's like to live as ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) with the media and she's shared her story generously in the hope that people would reach out and help others. 

Shining a Light on a Hidden Population: A Newburgh resident shares what it's like to live as ALICE

Before the first United Way ALICE Report, ALICE was a population and a community issue without a name or face. The release of this study offered a new way to accurately quantify these households and to talk about the challenges that they face, just like Gabrielle of Newbugh in Orange County.

Volunteer Spotlight: Alan Creais

On June 17, twelve volunteers participated in a Day of Action at the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley located in Cornwall-on-Hudson. The volunteers helped the Food Bank sort through the donations it received so that the food can be sent out to nearly 200 food pantries in the region. Volunteer Alan Creais, a leader of his company’s community engagement efforts, was able to take part in his first Day of Action with United Way.

Volunteer Spotlight: LuAnn Toth

When Born Again Disciples and the Hudson Valley Community Center recently merged, their facilities were in great need of some updating for their children’s summer programs. To help with this worthy cause, eleven volunteers, including LuAnn Toth and her husband Steven, came together to landscape, weed the gardens, and paint the building as part of a Day of Action.

Back-to-School Backpack Drive Update

Donations for United Way's Back-to-School Backpack Drive are being dropped off daily at our office's in Poughkeepsie and Montgomery. We are delighted to see the boxes for each category fill up as we sort and inventory all the materials that our community is generously sharing to make sure kindergartner's-in-need will have the school supplies they require, before the start of classes. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Nubian Directions creates Community Free Libraries for Poughkeepsie

Nubian Directions YouthBuild/Americorps Program Coordinator Mario Johnson and his great New Directions YouthBuild AmeriCorp team came up with the idea of repurposing former newspaper box stands into Community Free Libraries a few months ago. On Friday, the team began to install them at various locations in Poughkeepsie.


A few weeks ago the reality of gun violence was made apparent to us at United Way in an all too graphic fashion. At a little after 5pm when people began to leave the office we heard what could have been a backfire or early fireworks, but instead was gunfire.