Volunteer Spotlight: Kari Rieser

Kari Rieser has been volunteering with Middle Main Poughkeepsie since the program first started up about a year ago. On the June 19th Day of Action, Rieser helped clean up the streets of downtown Poughkeepsie at the organization’s Meet-N-Clean event. The Middle Main initiative is a program sponsored by Hudson River Housing. It is devoted to making Poughkeepsie a vibrant neighborhood by utilizing the community’s current assets, and bringing residents together.
At the Meet-N-Clean volunteers walked down Main Street picking up litter, weeding, and sweeping the sidewalks. Rieser enjoys being out in the neighborhood and pitching in to make it a cleaner, more beautiful place; “If it’s clean, we can help it stay clean.”
As a resident of Poughkeepsie, Rieser finds that these kinds of events are crucial to the restoration of the city’s downtown area. When asked about her long term goals in revitalizing Main Street, she explained “I want to make Main Street a vibrant corridor of economic development for all to enjoy.”
She hopes to accomplish this by continuing to participate in more meet-ups and clean-ups in the future. Rieser’s dedication to her community can be seen through her work volunteering with Middle Main, as well as her role in community leadership.
The Meet-N-Clean is just the beginning of Rieser’s future community endeavors, after all, “it all starts with Main Street.”
Kari Rieser (right) picks up trash with another volunteer
— Gabrielle Gerber, Tarver Intern, Marist ’17