No one should have to choose between food and medicine. But they do. Every day, people in our community cut their pills in half, skip doses, or can't fill prescriptions because of the high cost.

United Way recognizes how vitally important good health is in our community. Improving and promoting the health of individuals is one of our focus areas. We are pleased to be working with our local community partners to introduce and promote the FamilyWize prescription drug discount program.These discount cards are offered FREE of charge and there is no enrollment is needed.

The goal of this community partnership is to reduce the cost of medicine for children, families, and individuals with no prescription drug coverage. FamilyWize cards are being distributed free of charge nationwide by participating United Ways and other partners.

How To Use The Card

Simply click here to download your own FamilyWize card.
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What You Need To Know

  • Average discount is 30% or more per prescription
  • Accepted at most local pharmacies throughout Dutchess County
  • Covers most prescription drugs
  • Covers everyone in your family
  • No age, income or residency restrictions
  • No registration, activation, paperwork or enrollment required
  • No personal information is collected
  • No cost to organizations or individuals using the cards
  • This is only a discount, not insurance


Real Savings in Dutchess and Orange Counties

Last year, area residents and their families saved more than $355,000 using the FamilyWize prescription drug discount card.

IT’S FREE: This is a free resource from the FamilyWize community service partnership. Use the FamilyWize card to start saving money on your prescription drugs today.

IT’S EASY: Simply present your FamilyWize card and prescription to a participating pharmacy to obtain the discounted price. You always receive the lower of the discounted price or pharmacy retail price.

For more information about the FamilyWize program, go to

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To learn more, watch this video!