The story of two brothers, Jordan & Joshua

One of the reasons we are inspired to give is through the stories our Community Partners share with us. This summer, we heard about two brothers – Jordan and Joshua, ages one and three – who entered a shelter in our community that is supported by United Way Crisis Intervention funds. Both boys had frequently witnessed brutal force used against their mother in their home situation. When the boys arrived at the shelter, they weren’t sleeping or eating properly and were desperately afraid of being separated from their mom.

Thanks to your support, they received needed help from shelter staff and in a few weeks Joshua was playing with the other children. When he said, “Come on, Jordan! We can go to the playroom now,” their mother knew the boys were finally healing. Finally they were able to sleep through the night and run around on the playground.

When their mother had to appear in court, the boys wore themselves out on the playground with Jordan falling asleep in one of the staff member’s arms. She remarked that “It is a joy to see those two little boys able to be little boys and not have to live a life of fear. Unfortunately, there so many more Joshua’s and Jordan’s out there in our neighborhoods, who desperately need the safety this shelter brought to these boys.”

How can YOU help other Jordan’s and Joshua’s?