Hudson Valley Gives 2017: Dave's Story

Looking forward to the birth of a child should be one of the most happy times for moms and dads, but too many of our Hudson Valley neighbors are finding that the cost of just the basic necessities is presenting a heavy burden. Today we’re asking you to help give peace of mind to these families by your gift to United Way through Hudson Valley Gives.

Dave*, a soon-to-be-father, reached out to United Way saying he needed help. His wife was experiencing severe health issues during the final weeks of her pregnancy and was unable to work, so they now were reliant on just his salary.

He explained that they were afraid they would not be able to afford basic necessities their infant would need like diapers, baby wipes and bottles, especially as he just had to spend hundreds of dollars repairing his car, using the money they’d saved for their baby to pay for it. Dave said they’d had just enough to buy the car seat, but did not have enough to buy diapers and other supplies they anticipated being able to afford.  

Dave represents just one of the many fathers and mothers in our region – 1 in 3 families nationally – that report they have a “diaper need.” Why? The average monthly cost is for disposable diapers is about $80, with infants requiring up to 12 diapers per day and toddlers about 8.**

When other basic necessities like diaper wipes, baby lotion, shampoo, bottles are added in, the monthly cost is much higher. To save money, sometimes babies aren’t changed as often as they should be leading to potential health risks.

Today, with your help, United Way wants to make sure that every family in our community will have the basic necessities they need to take care of their infants and toddlers. We all want to see that every child is happy and healthy, that’s why, we are launching “The Children’s Corner” to provide items like diapers, wipes, bottles, lotions, creams, shampoo, and children’s books to our Community Partners who help families like Dave when they need it most.

Let’s make sure that Dave and his wife know they’ll be able to soothe their daughter when she’s wet and hungry. Please consider a gift of any amount through Hudson Valley Gives to provide peace of mind to families like Dave’s today.


*Dave’s name has been changed to protect his privacy

**No Child Wet Behind