Giving Tuesday. You Did It! See how much we raised...


You Did It!
We surpassed our GivingTuesday goal. You helped raise $12,615 ... all in one day!

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Your tax-deductible donation helps:

- A veteran find employment
- Families transition from shelters into permanent housing
- Expand mentoring for at risk children
- Provide students access to nutritious foods
- Helps families begin the healing process following abuse or domestic violence
And so much more!

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One Day - One Goal - Ten Thousand Dollars
Your tax-deductible donations will help:
- Veterans learn skills to find a job
- Families transition from shelters to permanent housing
- Expand mentoring for at-risk children
-Provide students access to nutritious foods
- Help families begin the healing process following abuse or domestic violence
And so much more!
Why we give . . . 

The after school programs that you support through United Way’s Community Fund make a real difference in the lives and the future of our youth.The fear that comes from bullying can be paralyzing. When Zidane and his mother moved to Newburgh from Jamaica, he was just 12 and threatened by several local kids. Once his mother came home to find him sleeping in his closet – the only place he felt safe. Coupled with his fear, Zidane struggled in his new school. But help was available, thanks to you. Through United Way funding, Zidane was matched with “Big Brother” Charlie. Charlie has helped Zidane study and even role-play for job interviews. Zidane used the money he earned through his summer job at an auto body shop toward purchasing school supplies for his 10th grade classes. No longer hiding in a closet, Zidane is dreaming of owning his own auto body shop. Charlie is not just a Big Brother, but as his mother said, they are like father and son. She no longer worries about Zidane, knowing that Charlie helps him with balancing work and study – as well as sharing fun activities like watching movies. Zidane’s present and future would not be possible without your help. On Giving Tuesday, your donation of $50 will help other students, like Zidane, succeed.


How will you give? 

Giving Tuesday 2016

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