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Jeannie Montano
President & CEO
845.471.1900  x3101
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Rachel Johnson
Vice President of Resource Development
845.471.1900 x3118
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Jazmin Awada
Community Impact Coordinator 
845.471.1900 x3106
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Melissa Clark, MA
Director of Community Impact
845.471.1900  x3128
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Emily Darrow
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications 
845.471.1900  x3114
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Patrick DeLeon
Financial Empowerment VISTA 
845.471.1900 x3122
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Javier Gomez
845.471.1900 x3108
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Jennell Higgs
Development Coordinator 
845.471.1900  x3123
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Jane Johnson
Finance Manager 
845.471.1900  x3103
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Rae Leiner
Director of Anti-Poverty Initiative
845.471.1900 x3100
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Rebecca Lull
Community Information Specialist
845.471.1900 x3113
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Elizabeth Manning
Campaign Director
845.471.1900 x3116
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Sue Manning
Director of Finance & Administration
845.471.1900 x3121
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Susan Marchewka
Event Coordinator 
845.471.1900 x 3126
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Colleen McKenna
SEFA/CFC Coordinator
845.471-1900 x3109 
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Michelle Nepton
Donor Development Manager
845.471-1900 x3115 
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Brian O'Keefe
Community Heroes Project, 
AmeriCorps Member

845.471-1900 x3129
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Emily Sassano
Community Heroes Project, 
AmeriCorps Member

845.471-1900 x3104
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Sharon Shah
Data Entry Assistant
845.471-1900 x3124 
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Annette Sullivan
Executive Assistant to the President
845.471.1900 x3120
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