Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy Kane

Each year Sandy Kane waits in anticipation as the Rhinebeck Central School District employee giving campaign comes to a close. Sandy Kane has been the Employee Campaign Manager for over 25 years and has been responsible for spreading the word about United Way and encouraging her colleagues to donate to the campaign.

Every fall Sandy gives a presentation about the importance of giving to United Way at the annual school district staff meeting. “Everyone is in the meeting, the teachers, custodians, and administration and they are all so enthusiastic, we really have a philanthropic culture at Rhinebeck Central School District.” While Sandy has been an Employee Campaign Manager for decades she shares the credit with various co-chairs who have helped her to expand the campaign. 

Sandy organizes guest speakers, shows impactful videos, sends reminder emails, and hands out pledge forms. If someone is absent from the annual meeting she makes sure to put it in their mailbox! “The work of United Way is crucial; I want to make sure that every employee has the opportunity to give.”

Sandy has worked at the Rhinebeck Central School District for 30 years as a music teacher and has a profound love for education. In fact, in addition to her Employee Campaign Manager duties she helps spearhead the community-based “Rhinebeck Rheinbach” music and cultural exchange program. Every five years students from Rhinebeck go to their adopted sister city Rheinbach in Germany. They have a chance to become immersed in the German culture and perform musical pieces. During the next five year cycle students from Rheinbach come to Rhinebeck. Sandy cannot emphasize the importance of music education enough! “It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience another culture and appreciate the joy of music.”

Yet, her voluntarism doesn’t stop there. Sandy has also traveled all the way to Tennessee to participate in races that support the work of St. Jude’s Hospital. She has hosted a foreign exchange student at her house and sang the National Anthem at the Dutchess County Fair for 13 years! Sandy plans to become even more involved upon retirement!

Sandy will continue her advocacy for United Way while taking part in additional races throughout the US to raise awareness for St. Jude’s. She has met families of loved ones that have been cared for at St. Jude’s and would like to help them tell their story to a broader audience. Sandy believes in the work of organizations that help the community and would like to make their work even more her focus when she eventually retires.