Volunteer Spotlight: Ed Broderick

Although he will admit it only seems like 6 years ago, it was in fact 26 years ago that Ed Broderick, then an IBM employee, first experienced the United Way Loaned Executive program. Fast forward to 2016 and Ed Broderick is now retired and once again a Loaned Executive. Ed says “The need was great then and we have been making strides to better our community by working together. But there is still more work to be done.”

For those who know Ed, saying that he is retired brings a smile to their face as they know that he works long and hard in a different role these days – a career volunteer!  Ed says, ”I finally figured out after 50 years in the business sector, that what I REALLY wanted to do was .....volunteer!” After 35 years at IBM as a full time employee and a part-time volunteer, Ed is now working full-time on his lifelong passion. "Retirement, in the traditional sense, is totally boring! I am way too young and energetic to sit in a rocking chair on the back deck watching the world go by. I NEED to give back and contribute to our community.”

His most recent role was working as the AARP Tax Aide State Director for Eastern NY, where he was instrumental in providing free federal and state tax preparation for thousands of  individuals and families in Dutchess and Orange County through the Hudson Valley CA$H Coalition, a program supported by our United Way.

“Knowing that sharing my knowledge about the impact of United Way funding will help an elementary aged child read at grade level and be on track to graduate high school; help prevent a teen, the same age as one of my five grandchildren, from being bullied and help a homeless individual transition to housing is what drives me each day. Any one of the more than 125,000 individuals helped by United Way funding last year could have been me or a member of my family. United Way is there for all of us and it’s up to all of us, our entire community, to help others around us. I support United Way, I Live United.”

Thanks to Loaned Executives like Ed Broderick, United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region is working hard to raise more funds to expand tutoring and mentoring programs to at risk students, help families secure jobs and housing, and providing dignity, confidence, and stability for the most vulnerable residents of Dutchess and Orange counties.

If you are interested in learning more about our Loaned Executive program, workplace campaigns, or other volunteer or philanthropic opportunities with your United Way, please contact Michelle at 845-471-1900 ext 3115 or email mnepton@uwdor.org.