Volunteer Spotlight: Joann Menendez

Joann Menendez’s favorite aspect of the recent Day of Action project was getting to know other people engaged in community work. Joann has led her team from Walden Savings Bank on service projects in the past at the Newburgh Daycare, the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley, Boys & Girls Club, AHRC, and the Housing Resource Center. As part of Day of Action they revitalized Project Life, a local homeless shelter.

Joann was pleased to discuss the community service program at Walden Savings Bank which gives employees a chance to volunteer together and enables them to develop team building skills. They accomplish projects that significantly benefit nonprofits locally, allowing them to save resources on revitalization projects and utilize the savings towards more dynamic programming. Joann reflects on her service in the past and can see that a few helping hands can make a significant difference.

Joann was also pleased that she had the opportunity to volunteer alongside the residents at Project Life. One young girl and resident of Project Life, Ashley, happily showed off her play area to the volunteers. Ashley picked up a paintbrush and joined in the project!

Walden Savings Bank volunteers were able to makeover the outdoor area to ensure that residents and their families had a safe, serene place to spend time together and bond. Volunteers painted the picnic tables fire engine red, they planted azaleas and tended to the play area. Ashley was thrilled with the results of the project!

Said Joann, “I not only had the chance to learn more about the organization but I got to see the remarkable work they do in action." Joann looks forward to bringing her team to future Days of Caring and generally supporting the work of United Way. “I would like to bring my team to help at all of the local UWDOR service events.”

Joann is an example of a community hero. To start your volunteer journey today visit volunteer.uwdor.org.


- Melissa Clark, Manager of Community Mobilization