AdvocateAdvancing the Common Good: Creating Opportunities for a Better Life for All

Anyone who cares about their community can champion the cause of a stronger, healthier place to live. 

If you see a critical need in your neighborhood, school or town, find out more. Share information and educate the people around you about what's going on. Learn how people can help and recruit others to tackle the problem.

Advocacy is as easy as following us on facebook and twitter, and sharing our community's most pressing needs and exciting achievements with your friends.

Some issues might need allies in government. Here are some tips for working with legislators:

  • Developing long-term relationships is better for advocacy than getting your particular point across.
  • Your views are valuable to legislators. Whether you are an expert does not matter. Just share your values and point of view and ask for their help.
  • Don't argue. Keep your message simple and direct. Keep the ''bigger'' picture in mind. Legislators must balance a large number of interests. They will appreciate it if you understand that.
  • Follow up with a personal note of thanks. Answer any questions and reinforce your message. Mark your calendar for a follow up letter or visit to continue the relationship.

Together we can achieve more than any of us could alone. So advocate for a better community. Be public. Be visible. Be loud. LIVE UNITED.

The results will be amazing.

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