Anita's Story

A few months ago, one of the volunteers in a program that helps mentor children came to us almost in tears. She and her mentee Anita had just finished reading a book about dreaming big and when she asked Anita what was her big dream, Anita’s answer brought her to tears. Anita wanted a loaf of bread. She wished that there always would be food in the refrigerator. That her mom and dad wouldn’t be worried all the time. And that she could have a slice of bread so when she went to bed the sounds of her stomach growling wouldn’t keep her awake.

Anita and her family were able to get food and other help to tide them over that month, thanks to you. We want to make sure that all children have the food they need to grow strong. That families do not have to choose between eating and having a place to live. Help us help them.


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