Barbara's Story

Barbara had finally gotten herself and her kids away from her abusive ex, but they were still living in fear. Not only from the ex, but the fear of how they were going to survive as he was not providing any support – even when ordered to do so by the court.

Facing eviction, she called United Way’s 2-1-1 helpline and was directed to go to Safe Homes of Orange County for help. Safe Homes and Catholic Charities of Orange & Sullivan, both funded by United Way, helped Barbara cover immediate expenses, avoid eviction and not wind up with her kids on the street.

Thanks to you, Barbara and her family are not homeless, but are getting back on their feet. Her kids no longer are waking with nightmares. And Barbara’s learning to regain stability, dignity and independence.

Without your donations to United Way, Barbara and her family would not be on their way to stability. Thank you.


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