Employee Spotlight: Michelle Nepton

Michelle Nepton has had a “whirlwind of a year!” Michelle joined United Way just over a year ago to manage United Way’s workplace campaigns throughout Dutchess and Orange Counties. Just recently she was promoted to Donor Development Manager and looks forward to her new job seeking foundational support for United Way.

While she is excited about her new responsibilities she will miss working with the Loaned Executives, her “army of volunteer fundraisers.”

“Volunteers are core to our very mission, working with the Loaned Executives and Employee Campaign Managers has been an incredible experience; it’s amazing to see so many community leaders advocate for United Way at their workplaces and put in extra time and effort to ensure we have a great campaign!’’

Aside from her appreciation for the numerous dedicated United Way volunteers, Michelle is grateful to be a part of such a passionate staff devoted to making the community a better place.

Michelle can point to the moment when she knows she’s engaging donors and community members in the work of United Way. “I’ll go into a campaign meeting that the employees were obligated to attend, however after explaining the breadth of our community work, heads are nodding and people are asking how they can get involved.”

Michelle has been in the service field for a decade working to address critical issues from healthcare reform to brain injury prevention. She has also placed foster children into adoptive care.

She has always wanted to work to increase the capacity of public sector entities and received her MPA several years ago, focusing on the financial side of operations. Aside from her role at United Way, Michelle still finds the time to volunteer.

Currently she is a Board member for Brain Programs, a nonprofit that raises awareness around traumatic brain injuries. “It’s been really gratifying to help individuals and families who have to deal with these issues every day, and advocate for treatment and prevention.”

In the past she volunteered for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, bringing along her family members on several builds. She was also very involved with an early learning center in NYC that provided support to moms working on their GED.

In addition, Michelle provided educational tours on an ecological preserve during her time spent in Mexico. “Traveling is one of my favorite things! I love to meet new people and experience new cultures.”

A native of Connecticut, Michelle enjoys living in the Hudson Valley. Michelle finds the Hudson Valley a phenomenal place to raise her children. “I have twin two year olds and we can always find something fun to do, usually outdoors.”

Michelle loves being a mom and blogs for a working mom’s online group. “We support each other and give advice on how to achieve a work/life balance.”

Michelle is busy! If she’s not working, volunteering, spending time with her kids, traveling, or reading (another one of her favorite hobbies), she’s hiking.

“I love to be outdoors. I’ve lived in many places, from Alaska to Mexico and always have been drawn in by the scenery.” While her favorite hike in Alaska, the West Glacier Trail, only takes a few hours, Michelle has taken hikes that require some endurance. Hiking the Scottish Highlands took several days, and was a total of 90 miles long!

Michelle inherited her boundless energy and passion from her mother, the “epitome of supermom.” Michelle is one of eight children and many of her siblings are adopted. She also has 30-40 foster siblings that her mother has raised as her own.

“My mom always said there’s room for one more, which is a philosophy I strive to live by every day.”

To start your volunteer story visit United Way’s Volunteer Portal at volunteer.uwdor.org

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