Giving Tuesday 2019


Give thanks, then give back this 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

We made our match!!!!! 


Thank you to our donors who provided the generous $10,000 match: 
Kevin Cleary, Todd Ritter and SSI Aeration, Danny and Nancy Aronzon, & Tim Eisentraut

#GivingTuesday Honor Roll of Donors

Ronald Tatelbaum, Daniel G Cost, Joan Seifts, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Mallozi, David Jolly, Thomas Bauer, Art DeDominicis, Nicole Gilmartin, Melissa Gaeke, Kenneth Hirschel, Lindsley Eggers, Anonymous, Ruth Ehlers, Michelle McCourt, Kathleen O'Keefe, Frank Van Zanten, Anonymous, Anonymous, Phillip Lekanides, Christopher Lucas, Erin Milteer, Carol Goss, Jeannie Montano, Marta Newkirk, Mike Graham, Janice Governale, Richard Morganthaler, William Meyer, David Baldauf, Alan & Roberta Eisenstein, John Golden, Joan McCarthy, Michael Ruppert, Donna Avery, Deborah Lee, Arlington Teachers Association, Nancy Keller, Joan Murnin, James Mulder, Virginia Pinchbeck, Jane Johnson, Emily Darrow, Jim O'Brien, Charles Thomas, Lawrence Korducki, Garry Hughes, Dawn Harkness, Susan Polikoff, Carl Clark, Michael Rosenberg, Judith Perlman, Adrienne London, Susan Deane-Miller, Gary Brady, Mark Villanti, Janet Giannetta, Brady Fister, Ligija Simanavicius, Dawn Martell, Julia Kammerer, Dr. Ann Weeks, Michael Mignogna, Walter F Engel Jr, Rob Miraldi, Ann Gross, Edward Broderick, Shannon Myers, Lynda Vincent, Anonymous, Joseph Bettencourt, Anonymous, Christian Laura, Collen Snavely, Anonymous, Michael & Erin Ruppert, Gaye Mallet, Lawrence Byrne, Kathleen Bartles, Raymond Polivka, Anthony Perrotta, Gerald Abrams, Carole Nugent, Mario Malvarosa, Jerry & Arlene Strong, Stephen Burt, Thomas & Leslie Schmeelk, William Browne, Patricia Chiavelli, John Sellingsloh, Joan Augello, Scott Wasserman, Ross Williams, Harry Baldwin, Marilyn Dakin, Frederick & Virginia Schall, Claire McIntyre, Kenneth McGrath, Elizabeth Mead, Susan & Keith Salisbury, Craig Wolf, Deborah Lee, Gail Kennedy, Frederick & Mary Zaitz, David Bulkeley, Johanna Wermuth, Jeanne Wagner, Heather Iori, Lisa Zylberberg, Kathleen Wimmers, June Kreisberg, Sarah Donnatien, Liberty Coca Cola, Ronald Rosen, Frances Chiu, Robert Terry

Jay and Jack aren't hungry on weeknds and their mom Shaniqua has found help with the rent - thanks to you!



Snap and Share an #UNSelfie


Def #UN-selfie: a selfie that shows your unselfish acts of kindness 

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