Happy Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween from YOUR United Way!

As kids and adults celebrate tonight, remember to stay safe while enjoying this spooky evening. 


  • As young goblins and superheroes prepare to hit the neighborhood, here are some tips their adult family members may find useful:
  • Make sure the Trick-or-Treat route is planned carefully with an adult family member or friend accompanying children as the small goblins and super heroes go from house to house.
  • Be visible! Make sure all of you can be seen. Make sure eveyone has flashlights and wears light colored clothing if possible and/or add reflective tape to bags and costumes. Incorporate glow sticks into your costumes.
  • Remember to use sidewalks or, if there aren't any, walk on the verge of the road facing traffic. Stay together in your group and do headcounts to make sure no one gets left behind. Stay in lighted areas if possible. Don't go across yards, between parked cars or into alleyways.
  • If the home isn't lit, don't visit. Only go to homes that are lighted and stay outside - don't go in.
  • As you approach the homes, be aware some may have animals. Use caution.
  • Adults, remember to check all treats the small goblins and superheroes gather before they begin to eat. Discard any that don't seem well sealed.

If you'd like to some alternatives to going house to house here are two great FREE events for kids on October 31:

And after the candy is counted, why not give back some? If you split your candy you can send half of it as a care package to troops overseas through Halloween Candy Buyback. Click here for information.

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