José's Story

José never feels as proud as when he and his abuela make dinner together — with vegetables he grew in his own garden! José and his family watch every penny and they rarely had fresh vegetables for dinner as they were too expensive. After taking part in a school garden program, Jose dug a small garden in their backyard, planting seeds his teacher had given him. When the tomatoes and greens were ready to harvest, Jose ran into the kitchen with them. 

Together he and his abuela cook dinner most evenings. She tells him stories about her garden in Puerto Rico and all the things they grew. Together with his abuela, José tends his garden, planting seeds from things they eat — even some from oranges that are now growing into small trees next to the aloe in the pot! Before his mother washes his clothes, she has to go through each pocket to empty out the seeds he has squirreled away. Thanks to the United Way supported school garden program, José and his family are learning to eat healthier and spend more quality time together. 

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