Leadership Society

Join a passionate group of like-minded, local philanthropists seeking social change:

For more information about becoming a member of the Leadership Society, contact Michelle Nepton, Donor Development Director, at 845-471-1900 ext 3115 or email mnepton@uwdor.org.

Leadership Society Newsletter


  Kevin Cleary, Chair

Christopher Capone

William and Candy Davies

Anthony Campagiorni, Esq.

Kevin Cleary

Peter Groffman and Katherine Bishop

Steven and Susan Howell

Steven and Linda Lant

John P. O'Shea

Linda Sanford


   Amy J. Berger, Chair & Joseph Berger

Sarah Anderson

Daniel Z. Aronzon M.D. and Nancy Aronzon

Lorraine Barton

Joseph and Amy Berger

Michael Blake

John Borchert

Jolene Borell

Steven Borsch III

Kyro Bouquet

Ronald Brand

Edward and Gunta Broderick

Keith Brokaw

Christopher Broner

Alice Broner

John Brown

Michael Burdis

Thomas Burns

Lawrence and Lynda Byrne

Brian Cannon

Heather Cimorelli

Scott Clayton

Rocco and Sharon Cocco

David Cole

John and Ingrid Collins

Ramon and Lennie Kay Colon

Frank and Peggy Colone

James Cox

David and Mary Crenshaw

Emily Darrow

Edwin Davenport

Tim and Alicia Dean

Susan Dean

Arthur DeDominicis, CPA

Troy and Jennifer Del Valle

Phil Derasmo

Tom and Regina DiGovanni

Margarita K. Dilley

Michael Dolan

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Dunstan

Timothy Eisentraut

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Frederick

Charles Freni Jr.

Gregory Fullum

Dr. Melissa Gaeke

Jon Garlett

Shawn and Jennifer George

Eric Gerstel

Janet Giannetta

Michael Gillfeather

Maurice Gill

Joshua R. Ginsberg

Michael and Clare Graham

Maureen Halahan

Linda Hannigan

Nagesh Hanubal

Timothy Hayes

Kwane Hayle

Malinda Haynes

Michael Hichak

Daniel Hickey

Kevin and Tracy Hughes

Stephanie Ingold

Jane and Douglas Johnson

Elizabeth Jones

Walter and Susan Joseph

Jennifer Josephberg

Dawn Juliano

Julia and Sean Kammerer

Timothy Kane

Lawrence and Joan Korducki

Mark Kreisberg

Julie Krieger

David Langella

Phillip Lekanides

Anne Lescher

Stephen Lochner

Eric Loeven

Michael Lofaro

Eileen Lomoriello

Gaye E. Mallet

Dennis Malley

John Manginelli

Elizabeth Manning

Susan Manning

Robert R Marchione

Kenneth Marston

Dr. Peter Masci and Christine Masci

John Maserjian

Aby Mathew

Gregory and Mary Mayotte

Suzette Mazurowski

James McCardle III

Frank McDewell

Sharon McGinnis

Stephen Mcintyre

Robert L. McKee, MD

Brian & Melissa McNamara

Thomas McNutt

Bruce Miller Jr.

David Miller

Jeannie Montano

Timothy Murphy

Michelle Nepton

Ben Niedermeyer

Richard O'Keefe

Peter Olson

Michelle O'Reilly, CPA

Barbara and John Ostrander

Christine Panson

Diane Passaro

Robert and Josephine Peacock

Walter and Joyce Pearson

Charles Pellegrino

Craig and Keryl Pesce

Lorrayn Pickerell

Steward T. A. Pickett

Virginia Pinchbeck

Jill Posephney

Bradley Quick

Ita Rahilly and Louis Fish

Gary Ricci

Dale Riedy

Todd and Janette Ritter

John Rose

Deke and Debbie Rothacker

Barry and Rita Rothfeld

Michael Ruppert

Andrew Salemo

Edward Sammis

Robert Sawicki

Hans Schick

Mr. Andrew Seward

Stephannie Shad

Kevin Sheehan

Karen Staples

Charles Stazo

Jason A. Steinberg

Michael Swensen

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Swinger

Robert Terry, CLU, ChFC

Francis Torres

Michael and Kelly Turturro

Mark Villanti

Nicholas Watkins

Raymond and Nancy Watroba Jr.

David Weaving and Georgette Orlando

Thomas and Michele Weddell

Dr. Ann Weeks

Edward Wilson

John and Elizabeth Xanthis

Michael Yegidis, CPA

Theresa Young

Anya Zander



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