Meet Angela

Three years ago, Angela was in a toxic, abusive relationship. She knew she had to leave for her daughter’s sake and took a second job, saving everything so it would be possible to pay for the deposit, security and first month’s rent on an apartment. Once she had saved enough, Angela and her daughter Shanna moved out and began their new life.

Angela continued to work her second job, this time saving for the cost of tuition. After several months, she had enough to enroll in a program recommended to her by her primary employer. If she completed it, she was guaranteed a promotion and a better job.

Throughout this time, Angela was lucky to have a great aunt who could watch Shanna after school into the evening while Angela was at class. But then her great aunt had a stroke. In order to afford an after school program for Shanna, Angela would have to give up her studies and go back to working the second job.

Angela went to the college to drop her classes, but she was directed to the emergency fund that could help her and Shanna. She even found an afterschool program, supported by grants from United Way, that accepted Shanna and let her stay late, while Angela worked and went to school. Without that intervention, Angela would have had to drop out.

Now, Angela has received her degree and a promotion at work. Today, she’s the director of her department.

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