Volunteer Spotlight: Aeman Khan


Aeman Khan has always been the first person to volunteer, from childhood through her career. Through observing her families dedicated help within the community, she was inspired start on her own trajectory to be a volunteer leader. Today she fills that role at TEG Federal Credit Union. “I am a volunteer today because of my parent’s giving spirit.”
As part of National Volunteer Week, Aeman mobilized her team at TEG to rejuvenate the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. Employees cleaned the museum, gave it a fresh coat of paint and picked up the trash outside. The Executive Director, Lara Litchfield-Kimber proclaimed, “We’re having a Board meeting tonight, I can’t wait to show them what an incredible job the volunteers did today!”
This is just one example of her volunteerism. Aeman was selected by TEG to be the Employee Campaign Manager as part of the United Way Workplace Campaign. She is charged with encouraging all TEG employees to contribute monetarily and donate their time.
Aeman also recently participated as a Volunteer Grant Reviewer. Volunteer Grant Reviewers are experts in their field who help lead the Community Fund investment strategy, they are charged with evaluating the grant proposals that are submitted each year for funding under Health, Education, or Income. She was responsible for giving each grant proposal she was selected to review a thorough evaluation to ensure that community fund dollars were invested in local programs that would make the most measurable difference in people’s lives. “Doing one little thing, whether it’s reviewing a grant, painting the trim or raising money- it all makes a difference.”
However, Aeman’s contributions to her community are hardly little!
In addition to her volunteer work at TEG and with United Way, Aeman managed the volunteer activities on the part of her colleagues at her last two positions. She volunteers regularly at her Mosque and even led the members on a Hudson River cleanup. Aeman also participated in regular service activities in college.
While Aeman may be a superstar volunteer, it is her colleagues she gives credit to. “They are an amazing group of people, they step up and get involved; I don’t have to ask twice.”
Aeman’s story portrays how her parent’s act of altruism inspired her forever. She hopes to inspire others as they inspired her.
To be a community role model like Aeman, go to volunteer.uwdor.org
 - By Melissa Clark, Manager of Community Mobilization

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