Volunteer Spotlight: Interns David Green and Lauren Harrington

“There was never a week where someone wasn’t smiling because of what United Way does,” said David Green as he reflected on his internship. David served as the spring 2015 Community Impact Administrative Intern. As he prepares to graduate and enter the workforce, he considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to intern with United Way. “As a resident of Poughkeepsie, United Way has exposed me to all of the wonderful efforts going on to better this city and Dutchess and Orange Counties at large.”

David, a Connecticut native, fell in love with the Hudson Valley and is graduating from Marist College with a Bachelors in Business Administration. “The Hudson Valley has been an amazing place to live, and in the four short years I have lived here, I have yet to come close to experiencing all it has to offer.”
As the Community Impact Administrative Intern, David supported the day to day operations of the department and managed several projects. David aggregated, analyzed and packaged program performance data in order to create actionable ways to improve program results. He also served as a Volunteer Grant Reviewer and had the chance to evaluate firsthand the dozens of funding proposals that are submitted each year. David also drafted and sent numerous letters, surveys and worked in several databases.
“David Green has been a valuable asset to our team, he has improved processes and is fun to work with, we are sad to see him go!” said Kimberly Kochem, Vice President Community Impact.
Lauren Harrington, the 2015 Spring Gift-in-Kind intern is also graduating and, sadly, moving on from United Way.
Lauren is originally from California and spent her first year at Marist living in Italy. She is still not accustomed to the New York winters! Lauren is graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing, and while she is looking forward to obtaining her degree, leaving is bittersweet. “I love college!”
In her internship Lauren was responsible for overseeing the Gift-in-Kind program and facilitating Days of Sharing. United Way is the recipient of almost $100,000 worth of material goods that fill a crucial need for United Way’s nonprofit partners. Lauren was charged with picking up donations, inventorying them, uploading all the information into the database, and ensuring that the items were displayed in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner for the Days of Sharing. In her capacity as the Gift-in-Kind Intern Lauren was able to see the importance of the program from start to finish.
“Interning at United Was has been such an eye-opening experience for me.  I would never have known all the amazing work this organization does for the community had I not been so involved throughout my internship.”
Both Lauren and David found that their favorite aspect of their internships was working in the field on Days of Caring. Together, they managed a National Volunteer Week project in which West Point Cadets revitalized the Nora Cronin Academy. David and Lauren got a chance to volunteer alongside them, painting, doing yard work and caulking. David said of the project, “It was inspiring, and an experience I won’t soon forget, I Look forward to participating on future UWDOR volunteer opportunities!”
To learn more about United Way internship opportunities please contact Melissa Clark, mclark@uwdor.org, or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please visit volunteer.uwdor.org.
—Interview by Melissa Clark, Manager of Community Mobilization