Nonprofit Training Seminar 2019

Nonprofit Professional Development Training ' 06/04/2019

My name is Ian Miroff and I am a Marketing and Social Media intern for United Way of Dutchess Orange Region. I am with United Way for this summer and will assist the marketing department with social media, blogs posts and press releases to help ensure United Way’s brand is reaching as many people in the community as possible. My time here will be in-valuable experience and can help me develop a better idea of what working for a nonprofit such as United Way is like.

On Tuesday June 4th, United Way of Dutchess Orange Region hosted a Nonprofit Professional Development Training seminar at Dutchess Community College. This event was a great opportunity for nonprofit leaders and representatives in the community to discuss how their organizations help people in Dutchess and Orange counties and how they deal with Human Resources issues through mock scenarios.

At this event, I was informed about diversity and inclusion by Inaudy Esposito, social determinants in health by Christie VanHorne and volunteer management by Keith Timko. The diversity section really caught my attention because of how relatable it was to me on a personal level. Organizations and businesses should see how important it is to become diversified and accept it as a normal idea so that they can be as inclusive as possible to sustain a welcoming brand. I think it’s important for people to see that a diversified organization can bring about new and exciting ideas. People of all walks of life should be given the chance to help out in the community or become a part of a successful business. It was personally great to see leaders and representatives of the nonprofit community put their minds together and elaborate on how they each handle diversification.

I thought the guest speakers brought fresh ideas of how area nonprofits can better help the community and how key strategies can help fulfill the needs of the community as well as the workers in the organization. Interactive activities were introduced by Inaudy Esposito, Christie VanHorne and Keith Timko, so that the attending representatives could put their own input on the table to help figure out a mock scenario that could arise during any day at a nonprofit or a business. These activities created enlightening discussions that spurred good ideas, smart strategies and helped develop a network for the nonprofit organizations around the area. During the event, I also experienced the use of networking to expand each person’s professional web. Networking while searching for a job opportunity or a business relationship is very important in today’s world. In my opinion, having a good connection or reference person could massively improve one’s chances of getting a job or linking up with the right person. During the event, I saw firsthand how people interacted professionally and I was even able to have some conversations of my own with some of the representatives as well. I plan to use the experience as a means of helping me in the future.

Throughout their work in nonprofits, the attendees are dedicated to work on behalf of our community. In presenting these nonprofit developmental trainings United Way of Dutchess-Orange Region helps provide support for their work as well as networking time for them. The next training will be held January 2020. To find out more information, email to be added to our mailing list.



—Ian Miroff
Marketing and Social Media Intern
SUNY New Paltz, Class of 2020

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