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Too Good for Drugs 

Empowering young women to resist drugs and alcohol 

What is the biggest challenge that teenagers face today - Pressure to do drugs, drink alcohol or have sex?  

The Answer is: D, all of the above.  

Meet Arlene, an ambitious eighth grader getting ready to graduate from Nora Cronin Presentation Academy.  

But she is a 13 year-old living in the city of Newburgh, where the highest instance of teen pregnancy exists in New York State. Gang violence and crime plague the streets which makes Arlene’s home life not so pleasant… (Read More

School readiness initiative leads to success later in life 

Did you know that 90% of a child's brain develops before the age of five? 


That is why United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region is committed to helping preschool students prepare for kindergarten. 

Meet Anna…

As a four year-old, Anna communicated what she wanted by throwing an aggressive, loud temper tantrum... (Read More)

Your Gifts Helped Michelle and Tim Watson Start a New Life

“We feel really proud of ourselves now. Before we couldn’t feel proud. We were always down. We always cried. The kids always cried. They didn’t want to be where we lived at (after we lost our house). And today it really changed our lives so much.” Michelle Watson, Millerton

When Tim broke his leg, he discovered that he had bone cancer, and couldn't work. In order to take care of their four kids, and make sure that Tim received the medical care he needed, Michelle had no choice but to quit her job as a Certified Medical Assistant. The bills were overwhelming...(read more)


Big Brothers Big Sisters Makes a Difference

At one time, Donna endured what no mother should - a fear of her own child. But those feelings have been replaced by pride in Laura, 18.

Today, reports of fights at school have subsided and the teen gets only positive reviews from teachers. For the first time in a while, Laura's obeying the rules - not looking for ways to break them.

Though Donna, a hardworking single parent of four, did her best to deal with the situation, she says Laura's relationship with Barbara, a volunteer from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, made all the difference...(read how)