Rosa and Jorge's Story

Rosa and her boyfriend Jorge live in Newburgh. Both of them have two children from previous relationships and their son, Jorge Jr., who is just six months old. They met and continue to work at a restaurant in Beacon, Rosa waiting tables and Jorge in the kitchen. 

Last year, Rosa called United Way’s 24-Hour 211 Helpline looking for help, because they’d hit a pot hole and their car had a flat tire that was not repairable. It would cost $125 to get a new tire and they just didn’t have it, as they were living paycheck to paycheck. Their rent was due in two days and it was getting cold out. 

Rosa didn’t know what to do. Without a working vehicle, neither of them would be able to get to work. In tears, Rosa spoke to Jim at United Way’s 211, worried for their jobs and their family. With United Way’s help, Rosa and Jorge were able to buy the new tire and get to their jobs. In addition, Rosa learned of other resources available to help them through United Way. She is thankful that this hardship didn’t evolve into a crisis.

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