Volunteer Spotlight: Christie VanHorne

Volunteering is nothing new to Christie VanHorne. From her college days volunteering with UNICEF, to volunteering abroad in Africa and eventually joining the Peace Corps, it’s safe to say that Christie VanHorne is no stranger to the art of volunteerism. “Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life!” Christie explains.

Now Christie serves as a Health Impact Council Member and a volunteer grant reviewer for United Way. She has been a part of the United Way team for one year now and she loves it! As a grant reviewer, Christie feels that it’s incredible to see the programs that United Way works with. As someone who used to write and apply for grants for nonprofits, she understands both sides. Christie feels that her part at United Way is rewarding, as she evaluates other grants now and feels as if it has given her a holistic experience. As part of Health Impact Council she admires the interaction between United Way and the community partners and the vital needs they serve. She gets to observe all the different organizations and how unique they all are. “It’s wonderful to see the direct impact United Way has on the community and how much they help those who are in need.”

One of her favorite parts of volunteering with United Way is she has the opportunity to visit programs that United Way is partnering with. Christie has the chance to see the programs in action, especially at a local level and see the change it brings. Christie also admires that United Way utilizes their volunteers for a wide range of opportunities. “I feel like I’m utilizing my professional skills as a volunteer here at United Way as a council member but also can participate in hands on service projects like planting a garden or painting a classroom.”

Although not a Hudson Valley native, Christie moved here two and a half years ago and has quickly made it home. She definitely plans on staying here for a long time!

In her free time Christie loves to travel, just recently having gotten back from a trip from Asia. “Traveling has been a huge part of my life, from volunteering abroad in Africa while I was doing my undergraduate work, to volunteering in South Africa in the Peace Corps; it has definitely shaped me as a person.”

Christie continues to work in the nonprofit field as a Public Health Consultant for organizations such as the Hemophilia Federation of America, and also recently started her own pet care business. Apart from her involvement with United Way, Christie is involved with the American Association of University Women and is a part of the Women’s Leadership Council with the Duchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce. “I’m really looking forward to this year’s grant review process and all the other projects I can participate in!”

To learn what volunteer opportunities await you visit volunteer.uwdor.org.

―Clare O’Keefe, Marketing & Communications Intern