Volunteer Spotlight: DeWayne Haygood

DeWayne Haygood may no longer be in the Air Force, but he is continuing to give back to his community even after leaving the service. Volunteering at the September 11th National Day of Service was just one of the many ways this United Way Loaned Executive gets involved.


UWDOR Loaned Executives participated in this nationwide project by lending their muscle to Elant at Fishkill, a senior residence, where they spruced the place up by planting mums in preparation for Grandparents Day, which took place on Sunday, September 13th. Loaned Executives serve as key campaign fundraisers for United Way and have the drive to help the community reach its full potential.


If it weren’t for Haygood’s past involvement as a grant reviewer, he may not even be playing as big a role in United Way as he does now. “Initially I was just a donor, but I learned more about the impact of United Way and the local effects,” he said. “Becoming a grant reviewer made it real to me. It became an eye-opening experience.


Knowledge is power, and now that Haygood knows the importance of United Way’s efforts, he has become a volunteer. He will volunteer at the food bank on Make a Difference Day in October with his daughter, and hopes to instill philanthropic values in her. He is also part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, where he mentors school-age boys one-on-one and serves as a role model. 


Haygood likes taking action, but he’s also comfortable behind the scenes. “I like administration- reviewing the grants and making sure the dollars get effectively allocated,” he explained. “It’s great to help out individual organizations, but I really enjoy making the big picture decisions.”


Haygood is a standout citizen, but wouldn’t be where he is today without the influences of his grandmother and the military. “The Air Force expects you to have high standards and I try to adhere to those in all aspects of my life.”


His grandmother taught him to treat people how they want to be treated, and based on everything he does for others, it is clear that her words are always fresh in his mind.


To learn more about the Loaned Executive program, contact Liz Manning at emanning@uwdor.org


To get involved in your community today, go to volunteer.uwdor.org.