The Anti-Poverty Task Force

Newburgh has an anti-poverty task force of over 100 organizations, 60 of whom are active participants and attend the monthly meetings.

Work Groups

The task force is broken down into five focus areas to help coordinate the initiative’s efforts. Work groups engage in cross sector collaboration in order to tackle the complex issue of poverty with a chair (or co-chairs) who coordinate monthly meetings, galvanize work and push things forward.  They include:

  • Education

  • Workforce Development

  • Housing

  • Health and Wellness

  • Transportation


The strategy is to coordinate areas of focus for the purpose of:

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Resource Inventory

  • Collaboration


Task Force Accomplishments

  • The task force has been meeting under the ESPRI banner since October of ’16

    • Over 80 organizations attended

  • Work groups were established and populated by November of ‘16

    • 5 work groups

  • Chairs were nominated and appointed in November of ‘16

    • 5 Chairs appointed

  • Speak to Change: Resident Listening Session conducted in January of ‘17

    • Over 150 Newburgh residents attended

    • Over 50 organizations volunteered

  • Steering Committee convened in January of ‘17

  • Final report and findings from Resident Listening Session  February of ‘17

  • Steering Committee review findings from resident report out and begin deliberation on what areas to fund



Annual Sponsors

Premier Annual Sponsors: Central Hudson Gas & Electric, M&T Bank, Orange & Rockland, Pratt & WhitneyAnnual Sponsors: IBM, Resorts World, RBT, TD Bank, Ulster Savings