Funding Solutions


There is no single cause for the problems our community faces. There is no single solution. The opportunity for change lies in a collective view of our challenges and shared vision for solutions.

Historically, United Way has been known as an umbrella agency that invested funding in nonprofit organizations who served our community. With changing times, and growing community need, this work was not enough. 

In our community...
• 20 out of every 100 children live in poverty*
• One in two children go to bed hungry (in some areas, that number jumps to 83%)**
• By 4th grade, in Dutchess County, 47% of total students are reading at grade level, while only 34% of economically disadvantaged students are doing so. In Orange County, 40% of total students are reading at grade level compared with 28% of economically disadvantaged students.* 
• Children in our region reported 750 incidents of bullying in the schools.*

Individually, we are working hard to make a difference. Our businesses fulfill civic responsibility; our government shapes policy; our schools educate; our volunteers contribute time and talent; and our non-profits lend support to those facing adversity. Imagine the possibilities if we joined our efforts together.


* Mid-Hudson Valley Community Profiles

**New York State Council on Children and Families Kids' Well-being Indicators Clearinghouse

Annual Sponsors

Premier Annual Sponsors: Central Hudson Gas & Electric, M&T Bank, Orange & Rockland, Pratt & WhitneyAnnual Sponsors: IBM, Resorts World, RBT, TD Bank, Ulster Savings