No one should have to choose between food and medicine. But they do. Every day, people in our community cut their pills in half, skip doses, or can't fill prescriptions because of the high cost. United Way recognizes how vitally important good health is in our community. Improving and promoting the health of individuals is one of our focus areas. We are pleased to be working with our local community partners to introduce and promote the SingleCare, formerly FamilyWize, prescription drug discount program. These discount cards are offered FREE of charge and there is no enrollment is needed.

The goal of this community partnership is to reduce the cost of medicine for children, families, and individuals with no prescription drug coverage. SingleCare cards are being distributed free of charge nationwide by participating United Ways and other partners.

How do I get a card?

The SingleCare prescription discount card is accepted at all major retail pharmacies throughout the country and with most independent pharmacies as well. Whether it's the Walgreens down the street or the CVS around the corner, FamilyWize has partnered with a wide variety of pharmacy chains to provide you with the lowest price possible. Some of these include:

The SingleCare Card is...

  • Always free to use by everyone—just show it to the pharmacist
  • No registration or eligibility requirements. Use it right away!
  • Save up to 80% on 10,000+ prescription medications 
  • Accepted at major pharmacy chains nationwide
  • Sign up on for additional member savings (earn $1 per eligible prescription!)
  • Works whether you’re insured or underinsured 
  • Unlimited uses

For more information, email or go to

If you'd like to distribute SingleCare cards at your place of employment, just email us at and we'll be happy to share them with you!


If you have the Price Look-up Tool on your Website:

Check the SingleCare price on your prescriptions by going to or by downloading the free SingleCare mobile app. Simply enter the drug name, dosage, and zip code to find the lowest price at a nearby pharmacy.

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