About CA$H

Hudson Valley CA$H is a coalition of community partners representing libraries, human service agencies, local government, businesses, faith-based organizations, and volunteers. Together with the IRS and AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, we are dedicated to promoting financial stability for individuals in Putnam, Orange, and Dutchess Counties.

The primary mission of the CA$H Coalition is to provide free, reliable tax preparation assistance to low-to-moderate income residents so they can receive all the credits they are entitled to and keep every penny of their tax refund. Many depend on their refund to keep up with their rent, make a necessary car repair or pay down their credit card. For many of our neighbors, their tax refund might be the biggest check they receive all year.

Last year, 4,218 Hudson Valley residents access the services and received over $4.2 million in refunds and credits while saving almost $1 million in tax preparation fees.  The average adjusted gross income of those that depend on CA$H Coalition for tax preparation assistance is $35,970. For those who were eligible for a refund, the average amount was $1,543. Ensuring families receive their entire refund benefits the entire community as these funds have a local economic impact estimated at $7.1 million.

The CA$H Coalition depends on the support of our community partners for program assistance, but the heavy lifting of tax preparation is done by our amazing team of volunteers from the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program. Since 1968 AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program has helped over 50 million low-to-moderate income taxpayers. As an intricate part of the Coalition Tax-Aide takes the lead in training volunteers and managing over 20 tax preparation sites in Dutchess, Orange, and Putnam Counties.