Leadership Society

Join a passionate group of like-minded, local philanthropists seeking social change:

For more information about becoming a member of the Leadership Society, contact Michelle Nepton, Donor Development Director, at 845-471-1900 ext 3115 or email mnepton@uwdor.org.


Kevin Cleary, Chair


William and Candy Davies

Peter Groffman & Katherine Bishop

Steven and Susan Howell

Steven and Linda Lant

Linda S. Sanford


Amy J. Berger, Chair & Joseph Berger

Dominic Alioto

Lucy Anich *

Daniel Z. Aronzon, M.D

Annette Bailey

John Borchert

Kyro D. Bouquet

Ronald Brand

Keith Brokaw

Alice Broner

Christopher Broner

Michael Burdis

Thomas J. Burns

Lawrence Byrne

Anthony Campagiorni

Brian Cannon

Robert Caso

Richard Chazen

Victor Civittillo

Rocco & Sharon Weed-Cocco

John & Ingrid Collins

Kyle Cost

Sharon Count

Vito Cracchiolo

David & Mary Crenshaw

Emily Darrow

Edwin Davenport

Timothy & Alicia Dean

Arthur DeDominicis

Philip Derasmo

Davide DiGenova

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DiGiovanni

Roger Dodge

Darren Doherty

Frank Doherty, Jr.

Michael Dolan

Mr.& Mrs. William Dunstan

Timothy Eisentraut

Michael Englishby

Mr. & Mrs. David Frederick

Charles Freni, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. John Furey

Melissa A. Gaeke, PhD

Jon Garlett

Joseph Garozzo

Jennifer & Shawn George

Janet Giannetta

Michael Gilfeather

Michael & Clare Graham

Paul Haering

Maureen Halahan

Linda Hannigan

Nagesh Hanubel

Rebecca Hausbrouck

Timothy D. Hayes

Malinda Haynes

Michael Hichak

Daniel Hickey

David Horton

Jeffrey Hotaling

Margaret Howe

Stephanie Ingold

Rachel Johnson

Walter & Susan Joseph

Mark Kastener

Stacey M. Langenthal

Pat LaRock

Philip Lekanides

Anne Lescher

Eric Loeven

Patricia & Dean Lysenko

Carson Lyons

Tim Mains & David Gardner

Elizabeth Manning

Robert Marchione

Dr. & Mrs. Peter Masci

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Mayotte

Suzette Mazurpwski

James McArdle

Scott McDowell

Sharon A. McGinnis

Dr. Robert McKee

Bruce Miller

Jeannie Montano

Ann Marie Moore

Christina Myers

John Nardi

Peter Olson

Michelle O’Reilly

John O’Shea

John & Barbara Ostrander

Cassandra Paupst

Robert Peacock

Steward Pickett

Shari Plass

Travis Podolec

Jill Posephney

Bradley Quick

Robert Quickle

Ita Rahilly

Gary Ricci

Deke & Debbie Rothacker

Wendy Santiago

Robert Sawicki

Hans Schick

Michael P. Scott

Andrew Seward

Kevin Sheehan

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Shepherd

Charles Stazo

Scott Sweeney

Michael Swensen

Robert W. Terry

Francis Torres

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Turturro

Russell Urban-Mead

Mark Villanti, PhD

Mary Kay Vrba

Thomas Weddell

Dr. Ann Weeks

John & Betsy Xanthis

Michael Yegidis

Organizations that have Leadership Donors
  • Adams Fairacre Farms
  • Arthur DeDominicis Certified Public Accountants and Consultants
  • Bank of Millbrook
  • C & S Wholesale Grocers
  • Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
  • Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse
  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.
  • The Chazen Companies
  • The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie
  • Dutchess County Government
  • EFCO Products, Inc.
  • Enterprise Holdings
  • Hannaford Supermarkets
  • Hickey & Finn
  • IBM Corporation
  • James L. Taylor Manufacturing Company
  • M & T Bank
  • Masci & Hale Family Dentistry
  • Marist College
  • Marshall & Sterling Insurance
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Metal Container
  • Orange Bank & Trust
  • Orange County Partnership
  • PKF O’Connor Davies LLP
  • Package Pavement Company Inc
  • Pine Bush Central School District
  • Precision Pipeline Solutions
  • Prime Wealth Management
  • RBT CPA's, LLP
  • Rhinebeck Bank
  • Rhinebeck Central School District
  • Rondout Savings Bank
  • Stamford Scientific International Inc.
  • TD Bank
  • UPS
  • United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region
  • Visions Human Resource Services
  • Vogel and Moore Insurance

Last fall, close to 50 Leadership Society members enjoyed a members-only thank you reception at The Roundhouse Beacon.