Meet Jada

Jada commutes to community college by bus. It takes her about 45 minutes every day to get to the evening classes, but she is determined to get her degree so she can provide for her daughter Shondra. But last week she lost her job when her employer closed and her unemployment benefits weren't available yet. As she has no savings and lives paycheck to paycheck, she wasn't sure she had enough to cover rent or food, let alone get to school. Thanks to the college student emergency fund, she received money toward her rent and was connected to the school food pantry. They also provided help for her bus passes to and from school and helped her work with the career center to find a new job.

Thanks to the college student emergency fund, Jada was able to maintain a 3.34 GPA and find a new job. She's looking forward to graduating from community college next semester, the first person in her family to get a degree!

To help students like Jada, make your gift to the College Student Emergency Fund this semester and your gift will be matched dollar for dollar. 

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