After School Programs that Change Lives

The after school programs that you support through United Way’s Community Fund make a real difference in the lives and the future of our youth. Thomas lives in a neighborhood that is plagued with violence and when his father died he found himself angry and acting out. A second grader, his mother knew he needed guidance and enrolled him in an after school program. But Thomas' anger continued to grow to the point that the program director and his mother agreed that he needed to be suspended. He realized in that week away that not only was he bored, but he really missed the program. When he returned his attitude had totally changed. He became engaged and enthusiastic, but most of all he really began to succeed in school. Now Thomas is an advisor for other students. A role model for them. He's a boy positively engaged with dreams of success for his future – all thanks to you. Your donation of $50 will help provide mentoring to seven children, just like Thomas, who you can gift with hope and tools for success.

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