Micah's story

Aliza, Micah’s mom, wants to thank everyone for their support as she has seen how Micah has moved from troubled and depressed, to more outgoing, independent and successful this past year. 

Micah is one of three siblings. Every member of Micah's family has special needs. Micah entered our program with failing grades. He stated that he "didn't care about school or life." Michael's mother Aliza asked for help with managing his behavior. She acknowledged that she could not help him with his homework. Aliza felt "helpless" and "exhausted." 

Micah had moved four times in the last two years. He had very low self-esteem and often walked with his head down. Through participation in our program, Micah went from a 1 or limited proficiency in writing and language on his report card to a 3 or meets proficiency and gained "two friend." Our leadership program has given him the confidence to speak up for himself and advocate for his peers. Micah is excelling academically and socially. 

Thanks to your support, Michah is one of many children whose life has been turned around to a positive path for the future. 

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