Supply drive for Newburgh residents after Tuesday's Tornado

United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region will be running a supply drive, now through Friday, May 25, to help support our Newburgh neighbors in the aftermath of Tuesday's tornado. 

"The City of Newburgh is still in a state of emergency. Some electricity has been restored, but many residents are still without power or water. Some streets are still closed as post-storm clean-up continues. Senior residents unable to navigate the stairs have been trapped in the Fogerty Senior Complex for two days, with elevator service only restored today (Thursday, May 17). We just heard that electricity to many residents will not restored until late on Friday evening. Right now there are grill stations set up on Liberty Street, at Blacc Vanilla and RECAP's offices today until dark. They'll be be doing the same tomorrow until power is restored," according to Rae Leiner, Director of United Way's Anti Poverty Intitiative based in Newburgh. 

Call Rae (917-569-6094) or Javier (845-392-7240) to coordinate donation of goods - or you can drop these off to Newburgh Brewing Company at 88 South Colden Street. On Wednesday, May 23, Paul Halayko will be donating proceeds from bar sales to the supply drive. For monetary donations go to 100% of donations will go to the purchase of these items.

United Way will be accepting donations and distributing to central gathering points for residents, including Blacc Vanilla, the Liberty Street Crisis BBQ, RECAP Newburgh office and the Newburgh Activity Center. 

We are requesting donations of: 

  • Hand-held Snack Items (granola bars, peanut butter crackers, etc.)
  • Pop-top Ready-to-Eat items (applesauce or fruit cups)
  • Easily Opened, Shelf-Stable Pantry Items (peanut butter, jelly, bread)
  • Diapers (size: 4,5,6)
  • Pull-Ups
  • Any Baby Wipes (crucial need both for children and adults without access to electricity and water)
  • Adult Diapers (M, L, XL)
  • Personal Hygiene Products for Babies & Adults (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Portable cell phone battery chargers 
  • Coolers
  • Ice

If you would prefer that we do the shopping for you, you may make a monetary donation

100% of donations go toward supplies for those affected by Tuesday's Tornado. 

Please bring your donations to United Way offices in Poughkeepsie (75 Market Street) during business hours (M-F, 9am to 5pm), bring them to Newburgh Brewing Company at 88 South Colden Street, or call Rae Leiner at 917-569-6094 or Javier Gomez at 845-392-7240 to coordinate.  Please note that only NEW, unopened, unexpired items can be accepted. 

Questions? Call Rae at 917-569-6094 or Javier at 845-392-7240.

Photo of Newburgh following Tuesday's Tornado courtesy of Allyse Pulliam/Times Herald-Record