Every hour, every minute you give helps someone in need.

Through our online volunteer portal (volunteer.uwdor.org), United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region makes it easy for individuals and companies to ensure everyone finds their perfect volunteer "match.
Why? Not only is it a great way to give back, but a new study shows that volunteering provides important health benefits. "Volunteering may "provide a sense of purpose ... while helping maintain social networks that are critical as people age," according to a new study noted in Time Magazine's article, "Why Volunteering is Good for Your Mental Health." 
In addition, volunteering is "an effective way to cultivate critical business and leadership skills, such as project management, communication, goal-setting and evaluation," according to a Deloitte survey of Fortune 500 HR Managers
Last year, we touched the lives of 166,122 individuals. Volunteers helped make that difference with 1,673 individuals contributing To continue to support our Dutchess & Orange communities, we are counting on you.

Studies show that volunteer hours, valued at $28.06 per hour for each volunteer, add up and save donor dollars allowing more money to go to much needed services in our community. Last year, 1,673 volunteers contributed almost 30,000 hours with a total economic impact in our community of $835,402.

Want to Volunteer?

Visit our volunteer portal at volunteer.uwdor.org to find the perfect match for you or contact our Community Impact team (ci-inbox@uwdor.org) for special opportunities and our Days of Caring!


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