Financial Stability

The future prosperity of our community depends on our ability to create a better life for children and families today. 

When adults have a sustainable income they have the means to provide housing and basic needs for their families. Children have the security of a roof over their heads and a greater chance to thrive through consistent attendance at school and access to community support systems.

Today, too many ALICE families (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) are struggling to make ends meet. United Way is committed to empowering families with the financial tools to succeed on their own.

Goal: Improve access to resources to alleviate short-term financial crises in order to increase local families’ economic position.
Outcome: Increase financial assets for ALICE and low-income individuals. 

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Premier Annual Sponsors: Central Hudson Gas & Electric, M&T Bank, Orange & Rockland, Pratt & WhitneyAnnual Sponsors: IBM, Resorts World, RBT, TD Bank, Ulster Savings