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2023 Kindness Champion


Voting: August 21st - September 13th

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Amanda stands out as a compassionate and benevolent employee at the Montgomery branch of Orange Bank & Trust. Her interactions consistently prioritize the best outcomes, and her service is marked by a genuine and abundant kindness.

This warmth extends to her colleagues within the bank, where she generously imparts her extensive knowledge and trains others for success. This same kindness undoubtedly characterizes her personal life as well. Amanda's unwavering commitment to kindness makes her a deserving candidate for the title of Kindness Champion.

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Angi's profound impact is evident through the creation of the "Foster Blessings" program, a heartwarming initiative that provides crucial resources to families navigating the challenges of foster care. Her actions exemplify the embodiment of compassion and empathy, as she consistently goes above and beyond to extend a helping hand and engage in fundraising endeavors that uplift and support those in need.

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As the head of a Physical Therapy practice, Chris Campilii  always puts his staff ahead of himself and looks out for his patients. He consistently goes beyond simply providing the care they need. Chris will get patients back to doing the things they love by teaching them to move their bodies once again, after injury or illness, gently and with great kindness. He is always giving back to his community and continues to inspire his staff help others as well.

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Denise and Jean are longtime members of our First Congregational United Church of Christ in Poughkeepsie. They lead a special initiative called Sharing Saturday, where our church opens its doors on the first Saturday of each month. They provide meals, clothing, toiletries, and more to those in need, all thanks to donations and volunteers.

For five years, Denise and Jean have driven this project, extending help beyond material things. They've supported homeless individuals, distributed bagged lunches, and aimed to aid local asylum seekers with essentials. Their kindness goes beyond actions – they offer words of encouragement and hugs to anyone in need. Their positive impact touches not only the most vulnerable but everyone they meet. Denise and Jean's commitment to making a difference is truly inspiring.

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Dwayne Douglas has been a dedicated coordinator for the Marist Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) since November 2017, serving 390 students in the Poughkeepsie School District. He oversees a vital after-school program at Poughkeepsie Middle School, where over 40 students find support daily.

Beyond his role's scope, Dwayne's pandemic-era efforts stand out. He initiated a monthly virtual cooking class, personally delivering groceries to students' homes, addressing both educational and immediate needs. He breaks down transportation barriers by providing pick-up and drop-off services, ensuring equal access to events and summer programs.

Dwayne's commitment to well-being led him to open his classroom during lunch, creating a safe haven for art and mindfulness activities. He extends mentorship by organizing visits to local college sports games, connecting students with inspiring student-athletes.

Dwayne Douglas's contributions not only impact the Marist LPP but also elevate the Poughkeepsie community. His dedication, compassion, and creativity make him an ideal candidate for recognition.

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Eleni consistently goes above and beyond in her volunteering efforts, dedicating her time to assisting others in various meaningful ways. She provides essential support to those in need through clothing and food donations, making a tangible difference in their lives. Additionally, she takes it upon herself to enhance the beauty of spaces she encounters, leaving them in a better state than she found them. Eleni's genuine passion for helping her community is readily apparent and truly inspiring.

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Felicita shines as a selfless and dedicated community pillar. Through numerous acts of kindness, she shapes our community's essence—organizing events, leading fundraisers, mentoring youth. Her commitment transcends roles, volunteering on her days off for marginalized individuals and underserved areas. Setting up resource centers and delivering essential services, Felicita's tireless efforts reflect her genuine spirit. Her humility stands out, from guiding students to braving rain for her cause. Recognizing her as the 2023 Kindness Champion celebrates her contributions and the power of human kindness.

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Jaime Hyla is the Executive Director of Community Family Development, one of the oldest longest running non-profit childcare centers in the City of Poughkeepsie. Jaime goes above and beyond what an Executive Director should be. She knows every family member of each child, every staff, every supporter. Jaime makes sure that children are greeted with a smile every morning and at the end of the day when they get off the school bus. She provides services outside of school for the students of CFD such as helping make sure transportation is provided to other schools, connecting families with resources that can help them thrive and providing opportunities for staff to grow. In her "free time" Jaime is a girl scout leader, a boy scout leader and loves supporting youth in the community. She has organized "kindness garden" projects, shows girls that Girl Power is a positive uplifting thing and modeled wha t it is to be kind for her own children and so many other children in Dutchess County.

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Julie radiates contagious kindness and positivity—a rare quality. Her perpetual smile and unwavering helpfulness illuminate every space she enters. This impact extends to both her staff and clients, leaving a positive influence that's truly remarkable. Julie is a constant beacon of light in our community and definitely deserves to be named Kindness Champion!

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Laura is like a superhero at Lagrange Middle School. With her excellent multitasking skills, she can basically run the whole school and community all by herself. But what's even more amazing about her is how kind and caring she is. She's always there to help anyone who needs it, and she really loves and cares about everyone. It's hard to even describe how much she does for others. Her kindness and dedication make her stand out and be an amazing role model. Laura is like a shining example of how to be a great person at Lagrange Middle and in our community.

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Lawrence's compassionate nature and commitment to helping others are prominent traits. He began his journey as a volunteer library monitor and grew into leadership roles, including the Leos Club president. Throughout his life, he's volunteered extensively, from the Gay and Lesbian Hotline to mayoral service and library work. His impact expands to theater, food insecurity, and environmental initiatives. He's dedicated to the Reformed Church Food Pantry, engaged in meal delivery for the elderly, and contributes to sustainability efforts. Lawrence's generosity also shines through holiday donations and benefit performances. His altruistic spirit truly stands out.

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Since his childhood in The Bronx, and he embodies integrity, compassion, and professionalism. Charles serves in the NYPD while also co-owning Darmae Essentials, a holistic business, with his wife Johanna Verley. His commitment to helping others goes beyond duty, extending to offering rides, aiding former inmates' reintegration, and caring for his mother battling cancer. Charles excels in leadership, remaining composed in stress. His wit, tenacity, and dedication to success have always inspired me. A true beacon of light, he's a deserving nominee for the 2023 Kindness Champion.

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Tara selflessly places others before herself, excelling as a mother, wife, teacher, and baker to ensure their well-being. Her warm and inviting home attracts people seeking comfort. She's an exceptional mother, dedicated special needs teacher, and a Girls on the Run coach, impacting countless young lives. Tara's extraordinary love, patience, and influence make her a deserving candidate for this award.

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In his role as the OSHA instructor at Nubian Directions through Dutchess Community College, William Artist consistently establishes a remarkable standard for everyone he interacts with on a daily basis. Through his unwavering dedication and guidance, he inspires profound transformations in the lives of young adults. A true embodiment of gentlemanly conduct, he serves as an exemplar of the values he imparts. Undoubtedly, William Artist stands as a cornerstone of the Poughkeepsie community, enriching the lives of all those fortunate enough to know him.

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  • Nominees must live, work or attend school in Dutchess or Orange Counties
  • The Act of Kindness should impact Dutchess or Orange Counties
  • No age restriction
  • Nominees under the age of 18 must have parental permission
  • Prize package for top 3 finalists includes a donation to a charity of winner's choice serving Dutchess or Orange Counties and other exciting prizes
  • All finalists will receive a Kindness Champion certificate
  • Top finalists will be featured at United Way's Community Breakfast on September 19th
  • Votes using fraudulent email addresses will be disqualified
  • Duplicated votes will be disqualified

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