Take the 21-Day Equity Challenge

United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region is committed to equity, inclusion, and anti-racist principles. Social justice and racial equity are woven into our ethos and reflected in our work in the community. Our responsibility is to amplify voices of color and ensure the families we serve are included in program policy and implementation. We envision a future with greater social and economic equality and are dedicated to creating a society that provides power and access to historically marginalized communities

Part of this work includes, but is not limited to, two annual Equity Challenge educational programs available to all members of our Dutchess-Orange community, centered around the celebration and commemoration of the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Juneteenth. Explore the tabs below to learn more about engaging diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) topics compiled by our DEI Committee members!

Redefining Equity: Honoring Juneteenth and Paving the Path to Justice


Day 1 - What is Juneteenth?

Read: Juneteenth: The History of a Holiday (New York Times)

Listen: Watermelon and Red Birds: A Cookbook for Juneteenth and Black Celebrations with Nicole Taylor (For Colored Nerds)

Watch: Lift Every Voice (Oprah Daily)


Day 2 - Rosewood Massacre

Read: Rosewood Massacre (1923) (Black Past)

Listen: Rosewood Massacre (Dark History)

Watch: Why all Americans should honor Juneteenth (Vox)


Day 3 - Red Summer

Read: Red Summer: The Race Riots of 1919 (The National WWI Museum and Memorial)

Listen: Red Summer, 1919 (iHeart)

Watch: The Red Summer of 1919: Crash Course Black American History #25 (CrashCourse)


Day 4 - The Creole Case

Read: The Creole Case (Black Past)

Listen: Slave Rebellion of 1841 (C-Span)

Watch: The Cook Takes Over the Ship: The Creole Ship Uprising of 1841 (The Learning Journey of Dr. Jowallah)


Day 5 - Stop Asian Hate: Systemic Abuse, Then and Now

Read: Timeline of Systemic Racism Against AAPI (Stanford Libraries)

Listen: How You Can Help Stop Anti-Asian Racism (asiasociety)

Watch: Rising Against Asian Hate: One Day in March (PBS)


Day 6 - The Truth Behind Thanksgiving

Read: The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving (Partnership with Native Americans)

Listen: What really happened during the first Thanksgiving? (USA Today)

Watch: The (Real) Story of Thanksgiving (NBC New York)


Day 7 - The Horrific Truth Behind the Birth of Gynecology

Read: The Surgeon Who Experimented on Slaves (The Atlantic)

Listen: Remembering Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey: The Mothers of Modern Gynecology (NPR)

Watch: Michelle Browder, Mothers of Gynecology (Smarthistory)


Day 8 - The Immortal Cells of Henrietta Lacks

Read: Henrietta Lacks' 'Immortal' Cells (Smithsonian Magazine)

Listen: Radiolab Extra: Henrietta Lacks (Radiolab)

Watch: The immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks–Robin Bulleri (Ted-Ed)


Day 9 - The Terrifying Rise of School Shootings in America

Read: Surviving a School Shooting: Impacts on the Mental Health, Education, and Earnings of American Youth (Stanford Univeristy)

Listen: The Data Behind Mass Shootings (Minneapolis Foundation)

Watch: The Evolution (Or Not) of School Shootings in America Since Columbine (VICE News)


Day 10 - Homegrown Terrorism

Read: The Rising Threat of Domestic Terrorism in the U.S. and Federal Efforts to Combat It (U.S. Government Accountability Office)

Listen: The Threat Within: Homegrown Terrorism (Common Ground with Jane Whitney)

Watch: FBI Director Christopher Wray | FBI confronting an increased domestic terrorist threat (Ford School of Public Policy)


Day 11 - The Red Palm: Systemic Sexual Abuse Against Indigenous Women

Read: US Continuing to Fail Indigenous Women as Rates of Sexual Violence in Tribal Communities Remain at Epidemic Proportions (Amnesty USA)

Listen: Protect Indigenous Women (All My Relations Podcast)

Watch: Burden of Silence | Witness (Al Jazeera English)


Day 12 - Women of Color: The Target of Human Trafficking

Read: Human Trafficking: Modern Enslavement of Immigrant Women in the United States (ACLU)

Listen: Inside the FBI Podcast: Searing for Asha Degree (FBI–Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Watch: Black Girls at Higher Risk for Human Trafficking (theGrio Politics)


Day 13 - The Native Occupation of Alcatraz

Read: The Alcatraz Indian Occupation (National Park Service)

Listen: Remembering the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz (The Bay)

Watch: Native American Occupation of Alcatraz Captured in Rare Footage (KQED Arts)


Day 14 - The Tuskegee Airmen

Read: History of the Tuskegee Airmen (U.S. Army)

Listen: Tuskegee Airmen: A WW2 Pilot's Story (Dan Snow's History Hit)

Watch: Tuskegee Airmen Reach New Heights | Dogfights (S2, E13) (History)


Day 15 - The US v Amistad

Read: The Amistad Case (National Archive)

Listen: Amistad–The Federal Courts and the Challenge to Slavery (C-SPAN)

Watch: A Legal Slave Uprising? United States v The Amistad (Mr. Beat)


Day 16 - The Marginalization of Black Women

Read: You Can't Improve Black Women's Economic Well-Being without Addressing Both Wealth and Income Gaps (Urban Institute)

Listen: Has Anything Changed for Black Women at Work? (Harvard Business Review)

Watch: Race & Education | The Marginalization of Black Girls and Women in Education (The Hunt Institute)


Day 17 - The Unlikely Symbiotic Relationship Between the NY Mafia and the LGBTQ+ Community

Read: How NYC's Gay Bars Thrived Because of the Mob (New York Post)

Listen: The Stonewall Inn (A History of LGBT+ Bars and Queer Revolutions)

Watch: Did Marsha P. Johnson Start the 1969 Stonewall Riots? (Inside Edition)


Day 18 - The Disability Rights Movement

Read: 'Nothing About Us Without Us': 16 Moments in the Fight for Disability Rights (The New York Times)

Listen: Disability Rights (The Fix)

Watch: A Brief But Spectacular Take on the Disability Rights Movement (PBS NewsHour)


Day 19 - Current Round Up Bills Against Trans People

Read: The GOP's Coordinated National Campaign Against Trans Rights, Explained (Vox)

Listen: A Wave of Anti-Transgender Legislation (The Daily)

Watch: Erin Reed on Transgender Rights and Politics (C-SPAN)


Day 20 - Queer/BIPOC Community Throughout History

Read: The Intersection of LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Identities (Very Well Mind)

Listen: BIPOC Queerness (#CitylineReal)

Watch: Screaming Queens | KQED Truly CA (KQED Arts)


Day 21 - The Perpetuation of Slavery

Read: How the Black Codes Limited African American Progress After the Civil War (History)

Listen: Slavery at the Northern Economy (Learning for Justice)

Watch: Reasons for the Perpetuation of Slavery (Elizabeth Alexander)

Day 1 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: His Life, His Legacy

Article: King in 1967: My dream has 'turned into a nightmare' (NBC News)

Video: A deeper look into the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., 50 years after his death (ABC News)

Podcast: Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech: I Have A Dream (English Speeches)

Day 2 - The Equality Act and Equal Rights Amendment

Article: The LGBT Equality Act began in 1974. It's still waiting to be passed. (The Daily Beast)

Video: How Passing Equality Act Would Change The Lives Of LGBTQ Americans (NBC News)

Podcast: The Equal Rights Amendment (Civics 101) 


Day 3 - New York State and Civil Rights Icons, Part One: The Seneca Falls Convention and Women's Rights

Article: On This Day Seneca Falls Convention Begins (National Constitution Center)

Video: What Happened at Seneca Falls Convention (History Channel)

Podcast: What Happened at Seneca Falls Convention (A New York Minute in History)


Day 4 - New York State and Civil Rights Icons Part Two: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Disability Rights

Article: FDR and Polio (FDR Presidential Library and Museum)

Video: Hiding A Disability (PBS)

Podcast: Episode #213 FDR, Polio, and the Press (Professor Buzzkill History)


Day 5 - New York State and Civil Rights Icons, Part Three: Eleanor Roosevelt and her Contributions to Human Rights

Article: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (National Park Service)

Video: Beacon of Hope - Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declarations of Rights (United Nations)

Podcast: Eleanor Roosevelt: Redefining First Lady (BBC)


Day 6 - New York State and Civil Rights Icons, Part Four: Jackie Robinson and Racial Equality

Article: There's No Understanding Jackie's Impact (MLB)

Video: Jackie Robinson: In His Own Words (MLB)

Podcast: Jackie Robinson Tries Out for the Majors (History This Week)


Day 7 - New York State and Civil Rights Icons Pt 5: Langston Hughes + the Harlem Renaissance

Article: How Langston Hughes’s Dreams Inspired MLK’s (Smithsonian Mag)

Video: Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance (Crash Course Literature 215)

Podcast: Ep 49: The Harlem Renaissance (15 Minute History)


Day 8 - New York State and Civil Rights Icons Part Six: Keith Haring and the HIV/AIDS Crisis

Article: Facing death from AIDS, Keith Haring kept creating (PBS)

Video: Artist Keith Haring's Journal. 'I'm glad I'm different' (Tate)

Podcast: HIV/AIDS Advocacy (History of the 90s)


Day 9 - Latinx Communities in New York

Article: How Does New York City's Latinx Community see itself? (The New Yorker)

Video: I'm Mexican. Does that change your assumption about me? (TEDx Talks)

Podcast: Episode: The Film Maker (Quien Are We?)


Day 10 - Youth Suicide Incidence

Article: In pandemic’s isolation, an alarming number of teenage girls are attempting suicide (The Texas Tribune)

Video: US: Teen suicides rise as lockdown takes toll (Sky News)

Podcast: Inside the Adolescent Mental Health Crises (The Daily)


Day 11 - Body Positivity

Article: The Body Positive Movement Encourages Inclusion, Not Obesity (Forbes)

Video: Body Positivity Movement: Why is my Body not Important? (BBC)

Podcast: Teaching Your Kids Body Positivity (Parental As Anything)


Day 12 - Transgender Athletes + Interscholastic Sport

Article: Four Myths About Trans Athletes, Debunked (ACLU)

Video: Veronica Ivy - Trans Women in Women’s Sports (The Daily Show)

Podcast: Harrison Browne: "I'm trapped in the wrong body" (Campus)


Day 13 - Medical Mistrust and Discrimination: Vaccine Hesitancy, COVID-19, and Other Health Inequities

Article: In Covid Vaccine Data, L.G.B.T.Q. People Fear Invisibility (The New York Times)

Video: This Tuskegee Descendant wants you to get the COVID-19 Vaccine (Vice News)

Podcast: Coronavirus: Using Science to fight Vaccine Hesitancy (Science Rules)


Day 14 - Prejudice against racialized names

Article: Is Your Name Ruining Your Life? (Wired)

Video: What’s in a Name? The Financial Impact of Unconscious Bias (TEDx)

Podcast: Name Discrimination in the Beauty Industry (Fearless Beauty)


Day 15 - Disability

Article: Long COVID Has Forced a Reckoning for One of Medicine’s Most Neglected Diseases (The Atlantic)

Video: I'm not your Inspiration, thank you very much (TED)

Podcast: The extraordinary history of the Disability Rights Movement with Judy Heumann (Factually!)


Day 16 - Ageism

Article: Exploring the Health Effects of Ageism (The New York Times)

Video: The Harmful Effects of Ageism (HuffPost)

Podcast: The Economic and Social Disadvantages of Ageism (The McKinsey Podcast)


Day 17 - Intersexuality

Article: What's Intersex? (Planned Parenthood)

Video: What Does Intersex Mean? (Them)

Podcast: Replay: Intersex and Trans (TransLash)


Day 18 - Gaslighting

Article: How Gaslighting Manipulates Reality (Scientific American) 

Video: 11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting In 'Tangled' (Cinema Therapy)

Podcast: What Is Gaslighting? Could It be Happening to You? (Red Table Talk)


Day 19 - The Bury Your Gays Trope

Article: Check Behind Your TV, There May Be A Lesbian Buried There (An Injustice! Magazine)

Video: The "Bury Your Gays" Trope, Explained (The Take)

Podcast: Queer Kid, Straight Mom Bury Your Gays: Queer Coding in Horror Movies Part 1 (Queer Kid, Straight Mom)


Day 20 - Natural Hair Movement

Article: Roots (Refinery29) 

Video: No. You Cannot Touch My Hair! (TEDx Talks)

Podcast: The Natural Hair Movement, Texturism and The Big Chop! (Coiled)


Day 21 -  Backlash against Juneteenth

Article: In states where Juneteenth is still not a day off, activists see a missed opportunity (NPR)

Video: Companies Face Backlash For Selling Juneteenth Branded Products (NBC News)

Podcast: Juneteenth is more than just a day off (CNN)

View the full list here.

Day 1 - Juneteenth

Article: Slavery Didn't End On Juneteenth. What You Should Know About This Important Day (NPR)

Video: Why All Americans Should Honor Juneteenth (Vox)

Podcast: The History and Meaning of Juneteenth (The Daily)

Day 2 - Human Rights & You

Article: Human Rights in The Americas (Amnesty International)

Video: What Are The Universal Human Rights? (TED-Ed)

Podcast: Let's Talk Human Rights: Human Rights 101 (IFMSA Groningen Podcast)

Day 3 - Talking About Race

Article: Historical Foundations of Race (National Museum of African American History & Culture)

Video: The Origin Of Race In The USA (PBS) 

Podcast: The Invention of Race (NPR)

Day 4 - Systemic Racism 

Article: A Time for Change (Boston College Magazine)

Video: What is Structural, Institutional and Systemic Racism? (ABC News)

Podcast: The Fight for A True Democracy (The NY Times 1619)


Day 5 - Being Black In America

Article: W.E.B Dubois on Double Consciousness (The Atlantic)

Video: The Rebirth of Double Consciousness (TEDx)

Podcast: "So You Struggle with Double Consciousness" (Sufficiently Black)


Day 6 - Adverse Childhood Experiences & Generational Trauma

Article: 3 Ways Intergenerational Trauma Still Impacts the Black Community Today (Forbes)

Video: Indigenous Boarding Schools (AJ+) 

Podcast: Historical Trauma Among African Americans, ACE's and Hope (FRIENDS National Center)


Day 7 - AAPI Experiences 

Article: What Does It Mean to Be AAPI? (Teen Vogue)

Video: Are you AAPI or Asian American? It's Complicated (PBS Voices)

Podcast: For Asian Americans, a Dual Pandemic of Covid-19 & Racism (Common Wealth Fund)


Day 8 - Implicit Bias, Intersectionality + Privilege

Article: What is White Privilege, Really? (Learning for Justice)

Video: How To Overcome Our Biases? Walk Boldly Towards Them (TED)

Podcast: Intersectional Feminism 101 (Stuff Mom Never Told You)


Day 9 - Microaggressions Towards Black Women

Article: The Microaggressions Towards Black Women You Might Be Complicit In At Work (Forbes)

Video: Microaggressions in the Classroom (Focused Arts Media Foundation)

Podcast: Dealing With Microaggressions in the Workplace (The Latinx in Social Work Podcast)


Day 10 - Violence Against Trans Women of Color & LGBTQIA+

Article: 2021 Is Now The Deadliest Year on Record For Transgender People (PBS)

Video: Violence Against Black Trans Women Is One of The U.S. Deadliest Epidemics (Vice News)

Podcast: Black Queer Young People Face Multiple Challenges (The Columbus Dispatch)


Day 11 - New York's Place in LBGTQIA+ History 

Article: Six Ways The LGBTQ+ Community Has Made History From The Hudson Valley  (Scenic Hudson)

Video: The Stonewall Riots: How The Gay Rights Movement Began (The Global News)

Podcast: Eleanor Roosevelt Pt.1  (Historically Gay)


Day 12 - Poverty, Racial, and Health Disparities

Article: Homelessness and Racial Disparities (National Alliance to End Homelessness)

Video: A Tale of Two Schools (Erase Racism)

Podcast: Race and Health Equity in America (Population Healthy)


Day 13 - The Racial Wealth Gap

Article: How African Americans Have Been Shortchanged Out Of The Materials To Build Wealth (Economic Policy Institute)

Video: The Racial Wealth Gap: Explained (Netflix)

Podcast: Addressing Economic Equality in The U.S. (Washington Post Live)


Day 14 - Black Maternal Health Crisis

Article: Reproducing While Black (Science Direct)

Video: COVID-19 Is Making Black Maternal Mortality Worse (Now This)

Podcast: America's Maternal Mortality Crisis (Next Question with Katie Couric)


Day 15 - Structural Violence and Abuse Against Black Women

Article: Unique Issues Facing Black Women Dealing with Abuse (Very Well Mind)

Video: African American Partner Violence Victims (TEDx)

Podcast: Violence Against Women and What Men Can Do To Stop It (The Daily Show)


Day 16 - War on Drugs (Modern Day Jim Crow Part 1)

Article: Race, Mass Incarceration, and The Disastrous War (Brennan Center for Justice)

Video: The War on Drugs is Designed to Discriminate (Vice)

Podcast: Mass Incarceration, Then and Now (The New Yorker)


Day 17 - Voter Suppression (Modern Day Jim Crow Part 2)

Article: The Impact of Voter Suppression on Communities Of Color (Brennan Center for Justice)

Video: The History Of Black Voter Suppresion (NBC News)

Podcast: The Hard Truths Of Voter Suppression (Axios Today)


Day 18 - Racial Color Blindness

Article: Being "Color Blind" Doesn't Make You Not Racist - In Fact, It Can Mean The Opposite (Oprah Daily)

Video: Color Blind or Color Brave? (TED)

Podcast: Race, Culture & Beyond (Naked Conversations)


Day 19 - White Savior Complex & Voluntourism

Article: What Is White Savior Complex, and Why Is It Harmful? (Health)

Video: The White Savior Trope, Explained (The Take)

Podcast: The Business of Voluntourism: Do Western Do-Gooders Actually Do Harm? (Naked Conversations)

Content Warning: This podcast includes triggering or sensitive material. Child abuse, Sexual assault, Child prostitution, and abuse against disabled people are some topics mentioned. If you feel triggered, please know there are resources to support you listed below. 


Day 20 - Representation and Misrepresentation

Article: The Importance Of Equitable Representation In The Media (Kid Spirit)

Video: Why Representation Really Matters (TEDx)

Podcast: A Conversation With Samata Narra, Senior Vice President of Equity and Inclusion Content Strategy, Warner Bros. Discovery. (Southern Fried Asian)


Day 21 - Mixed Race Discrimination

Article: Exploring Mixed Race Experiences of Black Rejection (Ethnic and Racial Studies) Additional content here.

Video: Multiracials and Civil Rights: Mixed-Race Stories of Discrimination (Brown University)

Podcast: Connecting to Black Women After Being Rejected for Not Being Black Enough (Black Girls Heal)

Day 1 - Elder Financial Abuse

Article: Elder Financial Exploitation (National Adult Protective Services Association)

Video: How to stop financial fraud against seniors (CNBC)

Podcast: Elder Abuse and Fraud Is on the Rise, Here's How to Protect Seniors in Your Life (Aging in Style with Lori Williams)

Day 2 - Anti-Blackness

Article: An Educator's View: Dismantling Anti-Blackness and Institutional Racism Is Critical to StudentWell-Being. Our Kids Cannot Wait Any Longer (The 74)

Video: What Does "Anti-Blackness" Mean? (Pacific Lutheran University) 

Podcast: A Better Life: Higher Education and Anti-Black Racism (The Social Breakdown) 

Day 3 - Model Minority

Article: Debunking the Model Minority Myth (USC Pacific Asia Museum) 

Video: Not Your Model Minority (TEDx)

Podcast: Busting the Model Minority Myth (Model Minority: Uniquely American)

Day 4 - #MeToo Movement

Article: #MeToo is at a crossroads in America. Around the world, it's just beginning. (The Washington Post)

Video: #MeToo: how it's changing the world (The Economist)

Podcast: Has the #MeToo movement run into trouble? (The Economist)

Day 5 - Xenophobia

Article: The Other Problematic Outbreak (The Atlantic) 

Video: Xenophobia in America: How we got here and what's at stake | Erika Lee (TEDx)

Podcast: What is Xenophobia Exactly? with George Makari (Factually!)

Day 6 - Lift Every Voice And Sing, the Black National Anthem

Article: A History of the Newly Resurgent 'Black National Anthem" (Time)

Video: Lift Every Voice and Sing Explained (American History Geek)

Podcast: Lift Every Voice and Sing: Silence is Not an Option (CNN)

Day 7 - Protect Black Women

Article: Opinion: Megan Thee Stallion: Why I Speak Up for Black Women (The New York Times)

Video: What It Actually Means to "Protect Black Girls" (Essence)

Podcast: Protect Black Women (Blunt Truths Pod) 

Day 8 - Ableist Microaggressions

Article: Ableism 101: What it is, what it looks like, and what we can do to fix it (Access Living)

Video: Anti-Oppression: Anti-Ableism (Simmons University)

Podcast: Ableism for Beginners (Planet Ableism)

Day 9 - Suicidal Veterans

Article: Military Suicides for Post-9/11 Veterans are Four Times as High as Combat Deaths, A New Study Finds (The New York Times) 2021 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report (U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs)

Video: How to end veteran suicide | Ron Self (TEDx) 

Podcast: Veteran Suicide: The Other Pandemic (Finding Your Cadence with L-Squared)

Day 10 - LGBTQ+ Workplace Discrimination 

Article: Half of LGBTQ+ People Have Faced Discrimination at Work, New Study Finds (them.)

Video: Understanding LGBTQ Employment Discrimination (New Economic Thinking)

Podcast: LGBTQ+ Discrimination Still a Major Struggle (HR Works: The Podcasts for Human Resources)

Day 11 - Mental Health Challenges in the LGBTQ+ Community

Article: LGBTQ+ Communities and Mental Health (MHA)

Video: Pride month special! Key research on LGBTQ mental health! (Henri-Lee & Amelia! Talking All Things Psychology)

Podcast: Transgender and LGBTQIA+ Mental Health (Inside Mental Health: A Psych Central Podcast)

Day 12 - Hunger and Food Insecurities in Minority Communities

Article: Examining the Impact of Structural Racism on Food Insecurity (US National Library of Medicine)

Video: Study shows which groups are most likely food insecure (Action News 5)

Podcast: The Landscape of Food Insecurity as Food Prices Continue to Soar (Viewpoints Radio)

Day 13 - Interracial Dating and Marriages

Article: Family Relations After Interracial Marriage (Psychology Today)

Video: Interracial marriages now more common, but not without challenges (CBS News)

Podcast: Interracial Dating & Marriage (Bold, Brown, & British)

Day 14 - Cancel Culture

Article: Americans and 'Cancel Culture': Where Some See Calls for Accountability, Others See Censorship, Punishment (Pew Research Center)

Video: What is Cancel Culture (And How It Works) (Teal Swan)

Podcast: Is Cancel Culture Toxic? (Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates)

Day 15 - Assuming People With Disabilities Have No Autonomy

Article: Disabled people don't need to be "fixed" (Open Democracy)

Video: Changing the Way We Talk About Disability | Amy Oulton (TEDx)

Podcast: We Grown: The Stigma of Infantilization of Disability (Life Fantastic)

Day 16 - Gender Neutral / Gender Inclusive Pronouns

Article: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gender-Neutral Pronouns (TIME)

Video: Toilets, bowties, gender and me | Audrey Mason-Hyde (TEDx)

Podcast: "Pronouns" with Ashley Thornton (Queer Lit)

Day 17 - The CROWN Act

Article: The CROWN Act: Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair (NAACP LDF)

Video: The CROWN Act seeks to protect against hair discrimination (CBS News)

Podcast: Good Hair REALLY? The C.R.O.W.N. Act! (Breakthrough with Brig, Mindset + Life Coach)

Day 18 - Islamophobia

Article: Two Decades after 9/11, Muslim Americans still fighting bias (AP News)

Video: Islamophobia: An Analysis (Philosophy Tube)

Podcast: Combating Islamophobia in America (The Revealer)

Day 19 - Missing White Woman Syndrome

Article: Gabby Petito and one way to break media's 'missing white woman syndrome' (Los Angeles Times)

Video: Unpacking "Missing White Woman Syndrome" (Tamron Hall Show)

Podcast: Missing White Woman Syndrome (Black Girl Voices Podcast)

Day 20 - Mental Health Crisis Surrounding the Pandemic

Article: As the Covid-19 crisis ebbs in the U.S., experts brace for some to experience psychological fallout (STAT) 

Video: The Coronavirus Pandemic's Toll on Mental Health (PBS)

Podcast: Mental health, nature vs. nurture, stigma, and mental health awareness month (Therapy Thoughts)

Day 21 - Indigenous People & Identity 

Article: Indigenous Peoples (Amensty International)

Video: How the US stole thousands of Native American children (Vox)

Podcast: Being Indigenous (Young and Indigenous) 

View the full list here.

Day 1 - Juneteenth

Article: The Story of Juneteenth (JStor Daily)

Video: What is Juneteenth? (AL.com)

Podcast: What is Juneteenth? (First Name Basis Podcast)

Day 2 - Slavery

Article: An American Tragedy: The legacy of slavery lingers in our cities' ghettoes (Brookings)

Video: The Atlantic Slave Trade: What Too Few Textbooks Told You (Anthony Hazard)

Podcast: The History of Slavery (Reparations: The Big Payback)

Day 3  - White Supremacy   

Article: 4 Myths About White Supremacy That Allow It To Continue (Forbes)

Video: Meet Tennessee's Neo-Nazi White Supremacists (Channel 4 News)

Podcast: Examining White Privilege ft. Elizabeth Denevi & Jenna Chandler-Ward - Third Space with Jen Cort Podcast (Teaching While White)

Day 4 - Medical Experimentation on Blacks

Article: 40 Years of Human Experimentation in America: The Tuskegee Study (McGill Office for Science and Society)

Video: Founder of the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium Leads By Example To Conquer Medical Skepticism (MSNBC)

Podcast: A Shot in the Dark (NPR: Code Switch)

Day 5 - Civil Rights Movement

Article: American Civil Rights Movement (Britannica)

Video: The forgotten "wade-ins" that transformed the U.S. (Vox)

Podcast: How The Civil Rights Movement Worked (Stuff You Missed in History Class)

Day 6 - Sundown Towns

Article: Sundown Towns (BlackPast)

Video: The history of "Sundown Towns" (This Day Forward, MSNBC)

Podcast: Racial Segregation Sundown Towns (Stitcher)

Day 7 - Affirmative Action

Article: Affirmative Action (Britannica) 

Video: Affirmative Action (Black History in Two Minutes or So)

Podcast: Affirmative Action: Truth and Lies (The United States of Anxiety, WNYC)

Day 8 - Redlining


Article: A 'Forgotten History' Of How The U.S. Government Segregated America (NPR)

Video: How Redlining Shaped Black America As We Know It (The Root)

Podcast: The Legacy of Redlining (In The Thick) 

Day 9 - Mass Incarceration

Article: Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2020 (Prison Policy Initiative)

Video: Mass Incarceration: Pathways to Prison (Detroit Public TV) 

Podcast: Reframing History: Mass Incarceration (Throughline) 

Day 10 - Stereotyping

Article: How to Beat Stereotypes by Seeing People as Individuals (Greater Good Magazine)

Video: Why Do You Think Stereotypes Are True? (MTV News)

Podcast: Are Stereotypes True? (Chatterbox) 

Day 11 - Racial Representation in Media 

Article: The Racial Divide On News Coverage, And Why Representation Matters (The Knight Foundation) 

Video: Why Representation Matters (Storybooks)

Podcast: Representation in Media Matters (Lenzo Media Podcast)

Day 12 - Adverse Childhood Experience and Trauma to Healing

Article: How to Reduce the Impact of Childhood Trauma (Greater Good Magazine)

Video: Adverse Childhood Experiences (Kentucky Education Television) 

Podcast: How Trauma Lodges in the Body (On Being)

Day 13 - Mental Health

Article: It's Time To Recognize Mental Health As Essential To Physical Health (STAT First Opinion)

Video: What is Mental Health? (Mental Health at Work)

Podcast: Let's Talk Mental Health (WorkWell)

Day 14 - Black Identity Crisis


Article: Black Identity and America's Lingering Racism (Tufts Now)

Video: Racial Identity (TEDx Youth)

Podcast: Black Like Who? (NPR)

Day 15 - Xenophobia

Article: US Immigration Timeline (History Channel)

Video: US Immigrants Bust Myths About Immigration (Soul Identity)

Podcast: As Coronavirus Spreads, Racism And Xenophobia Are, Too (NPR)

Day 16 - Tokenism

Article: What is Tokenism, and Why Does It Matter in the Workplace? (Vanderbilt University) 

Video: Tokenism: How to ensure racialized employees don't feel tokenized in the workplace (Global News)

Podcast: How to Avoid Tokenism and Increase an Inclusive Culture in Your Organization (SHL Talent Talks)

Day 17 - Cultural Appropriation

Article: A Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Cultural Appropriation (Thought Co.)

Video: 7 Myths About Cultural Appropriation Debunked! (Decoded: MTV News)

Podcast: Where's the Line Between Cultural Appropriation and Appreciation? (Brain Stuff)

Day 18 - LGBTQIA+ People of Color

Article: For LGBTQ People of Color, Discrimination Compounds (NPR)

Video: LGBTQ People of Colour Reveal The Challenges They've Faced (BuzzFeed UK)

Podcast: What Do We Have in Common? (WYNC: Nancy) 

Day 19 - Colorism

Article: The people fighting 'light skin' bias (BBC)

Video: People of color discuss the impact of 'colorism' (Good Morning America)

Podcast: 'You'd be so much more beautiful if you were a few shades lighter' (Glossy: Unfair Podcast)

Day 20 - Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

Article: Hate Crimes Targeting Asian Americans Spiked by 150% in Major US Cities (VOA)

Video: 'I Shouted For Help, But Nobody Helped Me': Asian Americans are Under Attack (AJ+)

Podcast: The Rise in Anti-Asian Attacks During The COVID-19 Pandemic (NPR)

Day 21 - Black Lives Matter Movement

Article: At the Black Lives Matter Protests in the Hudson Valley (The River)

Video: Black Lives Matter explained: The history of a movement (Channel 4 News)

Podcast: Black Lives Matter: The Story of a Slogan (BBC)

View the full list here.


Day 1 - Racism/Bias in Medical Care (Historically)

Article: Coronavirus Crisis Highlights Major Disparities (Hudson Valley Press)

Video: The US medical system is still haunted by slavery (Vox)

Podcast: How does systemic racism shape health care in the U.S.? (America Magazine: The Jesuit Review)

Day 2 - School Segregation

Article: Still Separate, Still Unequal: Teaching about School Segregation and Educational Inequality (The New York Times)

Video: TEST

Podcast: School Segregation is Getting Worse 65 Years After Brown v. Board of Education (WNYC Studios) 

Day 3 - The School-to-Prison Pipeline

Article: Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline (Rethinking Schools)

Video: The school-to-prison pipeline, explained (Vox Media)

Podcast: Justice in America: Episode 28: School to Prison Pipeline (The Appeal)

Day 4 - The History of Voter Suppression

Article: In the US, voter suppression will remain the norm (Al Jazeera) 

Video: The History Of Black Voter Suppression — And The Fight For The Right To Vote (NBC News)

Podcast: The Racist Reality of Voter Suppression (ACLU)

Day 5 - Racial Disparities in Incarceration

Article: Racial Disparities in Incarceration and Coronavirus (fwd.us)

Video: Unequal: Racism in American Prisons (FUSION)

Podcast: Groundbreaking Report on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Criminal Justice System Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (NACDL)

Day 6 - Maternal and Infant Mortality

Article: America is Failing its Black Mothers (Harvard Public Health)

Video: Infant mortality rate higher for black mothers than any other race (CBS News) 

Podcast: Black Mothers Keep Dying After Giving Birth. Shalon Irving's Story Explains Why (NPR) 

Day 7 - Racism Hurts Everbody

Article: Dutchess County forum addresses racism within community (The Miscellany News)

Video: Racism has a cost for everyone (TED Talk)

Podcast: What Systemic Racism Means And The Way It Harms Communities (NPR)

Day 8 - Representation Matters

Article: Why on-screen representation matters, according to these teens (PBS)

Video: Why Representation Really Matters (TEDx)

Podcast: The Journey: Representation Matters with Widline Pyrame (Mission.org)

Day 9 - Structure of Racism

Article: What is systemic racism? Here's what it means and how you can help dismantle it (USA Today)

Video: Systemic Racism Explained (Act.TV) 

Podcast: Putting Racism on the Table: Structural Racism (Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers)

Day 10 - Institutional Racism

Article: The Many Ways Institutional Racism Kills Black People (TIME)

Video: Marley Dias talks Institutional Racism (National Education Association)

Podcast: Institutional Racism and Traumatic Stress with Dr. Alfiee (Being Well Podast) 

Day 11 - Internalized Racism

Article: How Internalized Racism Amplifies White Supremacy (Vice)

Video: Black Self / White World - lessons on internalized racism (TedX)

Podcast: Internalized Racial Superiority (The Soul Focused Group) 

Day 12 - The Intergenerational Trauma of Racism

Article: What is Intergenerational Trauma and What Does It Have To Do With Racism? (The Uptake) 

Video: Understanding Racial Trauma (Scripps News) 

Podcast: A Conversation About Race and Trauma (Integrative Life Center) 

Day 13 - Wealth and Income

Article: The coronavirus recession and economic inequality: A roadmap to recovery and long-term structural change (Washington Center for Equitable Growth) 

Video: Income and Wealth Inequality: Crash Course Economics #17 (Crash Course)

Podcast: Income and Wealth Inequality (Barron's) 

Day 14 - Understanding Privilege

Article: But that was so long ago (Hudson Valley 1)

Video: Power Privilege and Oppression (Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver)

Podcast: Understanding white privilege, with Reni Eddo-Lodge (The Guardian)

Day 15 - The Effect of Racism

Article: Racial inequality in Hudson Valley: Leaders, activists discuss divide, solutions (The Poughkeepsie Journal)

Video: The long-term effects of racism (TEDx)

Podcast: The Consequences of Racism (NPR) 

Day 16 - Disability

Article: Does my wheelchair make you uncomfortable? How my disability may have cost me a job. (USA Today) 

Video: The Disability Conversation (TEDx) 

Podcast: Samuel Estes: Mission of Athletes vs. Epilepsy (Disability Matters)

Day 17 - Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Article: The Ugly Truth About Diversity “Initiatives” (Hudson Valley Press)

Video: How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace (TED Talk)

Podcast: 109 — Who's responsible for Diversity and Inclusion? (Mind Tools for Business) 

Day 18 - Gender Expression and Identity

Article: Understanding Gender (Gender Spectrum)

Video: Sexual orientation and gender identity (Osmosis from Elsevier) 

Podcast: Episode 1: Gender Terminology 101 (Trans-Parenting)

Day 19 - LGBTQ+

Article: Anti-LGBT discrimination has a huge human toll. Research proves it. (The Washington Post) 

Video: LGBTQ | How You See Me (Participant) 

Podcast: Link no longer available

Day 20 - Allyship

Article: Allyship (& Accomplice): The What, Why, and How (Awaken Blog)

Video: What is Allyship and Why is Allyship Important? (Bhasin Consulting, Inc.)

Podcast: Performative Allyship (Imperfect Allies)

Day 21 - Racial Equity Action Plan

Article: Harvard Business School Launches Action Plan for Racial Equity (Diverse)

Video: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Open your Mind (NV at CEPImperial)

Podcast: 'Not Racist' Is Not Enough: Putting In The Work To Be Anti-Racist (NPR)

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