Meet Maria

On May 8, during the COVID crisis, Maria, a 40-year-old who is raising Betty, her 11-year-old daughter, alone after her divorce, called 211, United Way’s 24/7/365 confidential helpline. Maria needed help to move to a new apartment as she had to change school districts immediately. Betty was being badly bullied in her school and had been hospitalized twice that year for anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Alicia, the 2-1-1 call specialist, was able to provide Maria with a source of United Way funded support to help her move into a two-bedroom apartment in a new school district and also provided mental health access opportunities for Maria, who was also undergoing trauma with this crisis.

Thanks to your support of United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region, Maria and Betty are doing well now. Betty is happy with her new school and is making friends in the virtual classes, and Maria is up-to-date on the rent and putting some savings aside.

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