It's essential to keep track of all the funds received during your campaign. To ensure an accurate total, make sure that all the money collected through your workplace campaign is properly accounted for. If you have any doubts or questions about where to send cash, checks, or pledge cards, please reach out to your United Way Representative for assistance.


Gathering feedback from employees is crucial to understand what worked well and what could be improved or removed for the next campaign. This can be done through a closing session, survey, or any other method that feels comfortable for your team. Make sure to gather feedback while the campaign is still fresh in everyone's mind. These insights will be incredibly valuable when planning for the next campaign.


Expressing appreciation for the impact of each gift and acknowledging the meaningful contributions of your employees is vital. It's an easy way to show gratitude and make them feel valued. By recognizing the impact their gifts make on the community, you're not only showing appreciation for their generosity but also encouraging them to continue their support in the future.

  • Share Campaign Results – Did you reach your campaign goal? Make sure to share this information widely. Provide context by sharing the number of participants, the largest donation, and the number of people who worked on the campaign. Also, let everyone know what the community will be able to do with the funds raised. Use facts and figures to give a clear picture of the campaign's success.
  • Provide photos – Remember to capture photos and videos throughout the campaign to share in an end-of-campaign wrap-up and preserve the memories. These visual materials will be especially useful when promoting your next campaign, providing a glimpse into the hard work and dedication of everyone involved.


Tell us about your campaign experience! Share successes, challenges, pictures, and funny stories. Let us know what you learned, what worked, and what you'd change next time. Send them to Kristie Hagen at Your input helps us improve future campaigns.

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